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Astrology Certification On-Line Courses

June 2024 Courses

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Starts Monday, June 10th – 5-6:30pm EDT

ASTROLOGY CERTIFICATION COURSE – LEVEL 1a – Beginner Level – 8 weeks, $180.00 – You will continue to explore and learn the The Signs – the role each sign plays in Astrology, The Planets – understanding the planets and their meanings, The Houses – where in your life the signs and planets make the most impact, The Aspects – how the planets relate to and influence each other and you, Telling the Story – how to bring it all together so that you can accurately “read” the person and the Astrological chart, Bonus – The 4+ methods of accurately reading an Astrological chart. You will learn how to accurately use an ephemeris (book of the planets placements). You will also learn how to believe in your ability. Each student will receive a copy of their birth chart. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be presented with a Beginner Level certificate of proficiency in the art and science of Astrology.

Starts Tuesday, June 11th – 7-8:30pm EDT

ASTROLOGY CERTIFICATION COURSE – Intermediate/Advanced Level – 8 weeks, $180.00 – In this course, you will discover and resolve the issue of the “Fatal Flaw”— the causes of an entity’s fundamental problem. In so doing, you will hone your astrological detecting skills by examining events and determining what placements and aspects in the chart activated them. You will continue deepening and expanding your developing expertise of Astrology by continuing to build on your knowledge of the fundamentals and importance of the chart patterns, planets, signs, and houses that make up an Astrology chart. You will further your learning of how to blend and interpret the meanings of the chart’s components. You will continue practicing how to blend the information into an insightful interpretation as you continue studying these components and how they affect the chart. Each student will receive and work with a copy of their birth chart. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be presented with an Intermediate/Advanced Level certificate of proficiency in the art and science of Astrology.

All of the courses can be taken in sequence or as stand-alone courses.

Wonder which course or level is right for you?

Contact me and I’ll help you determine what will work best for you. All courses are recorded.


Learn the Ancient Art and Science of Time, Space, and Relationships

Your Astrology (birth) chart is unique to you. This ancient GPS system is your own personal road map or “owner’s manual” to your best life, and like any other map or instruction book, knowing how to read it can help you get to where you want to go. Astrology offers you access to your past and current lives, your karma, your life’s purpose, your strengths, and practical advice on how to turn negatives into positives in order to achieve your goals. This ancient study of how events on earth correspond to the positions and movements of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars is used by people in all walks of life, including health care practitioners and financial services professionals.

In order to master the depths and complexities of Astrology, you must have a teacher who is connected to an old and honored lineage. As a Master Astrologer, I am that teacher! I’ve studied with and learned from masters who were taught by masters all the way back to antiquity. My lineage includes Dane Rudhyar– the father of Karmic and Humanistic Astrology, Marc Edmond Jones– formulator of the Sabian Symbols, Isabel Hickey– master Humanistic Astrologer, Mr. Black– renowned Visionary Astrologer, and Angela Louise Gallo– Horary Astrology specialist and Shaman-Magus.

Unfortunately, due to Astrology currently being seen as a cash crop by numerous publishers, many of today’s Astrologers, teachers, and authors are adherents of “Pop Astrology”– a very shallow understanding of what Astrology really is and how to navigate its mysteries.

As an Astrologer/teacher who is a continuation of an old and honored lineage dating back to Astrology’s beginning, I connect with, de-mystify, and teach Astrology in relatable and easy to understand terms. In addition to learning Astrology when you study with me, you’ll discover that you are a natural divining instrument with the ability to, as Paulo Coelho puts it, “connect with the Soul of the World”, as you access information from all realms. In doing so, you’ll learn to recognize, embrace, and empower the unique intention that Divine Grace has for you in this lifetime.

Whether you choose to study for your own personal growth, curiosity, or to become an accomplished professional, Astrology will help you realize that you and your perspective are no longer earth-bound. And just as importantly, you’ll learn how to get answers to life’s most meaningful issues– love, money, health, spirituality, and your life’s purpose.

Let the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars take you on a journey of discovery designed to guide you in connecting with the fathomless all-knowing Source found in the “Soul of the World”. Once connected, you are empowered and Divinely assisted in skillfully steering your own course through life as you were meant to– with mastery, prosperity, confidence, and grace.

My Astrology Certification courses are designed to teach you what I have learned– how to masterfully use the facts and fine points of navigating Astrology’s celestial realm to successfully decode these ancient secrets as you study your own Astrology chart and the Astrology charts of your friends, loved ones, celebrities, and others.

Because Astrology is built on many layers of information, each course will focus on understanding and developing an essential aspect of Astrological knowledge and how it works on its own and with the birthchart.

In all of the courses, you will work with your own birth chart and the charts of others.

You Will Learn:

  • To read a person like a book

    Compatibility & relationship analysis

  • How to uncover secrets & change Karma

  • The timing of events & the art of Prediction

  • Your ascendant, Sun, Moon, & planets placements

  • And so much more…

About Sheilaa…

I’m a world renowned Master Astrologer, Tarot Master, Modern-Day Alchemist, Spellcaster, instructor, Intuitive, Readers Studio Master Class teacher and author whose mastery of the Tarot and Astrology, and ability to develop these gifts in others, is legendary. Featured in Paulette Cooper’s book, “The 100 Top Psychics and Astrologers in America,” I have an accuracy rate of 95-100%. I’m the author of three books on the Tarot– “The Infinite Tarot,” “101 Tarot Spreads,” and “101 Tarot Spreads by 20 Tarot Masters”. “I am, by design of the Creator, a compassionate Master– a naturally powerful, empowering guide and guardian of the way, whose innate abilities to courageously expand the concept of reality beyond all imaginable limits and then recreate it in a beneficial new form is as intricately woven a part of me as is my commitment to the power of the Light and the continuity of Life.”

“Sheilaa made a complicated subject-- learning Astrology-- easy to understand and fun to learn. I’ve already taken the first three levels of her certification course and I’m really looking forward to becoming a certified Astrological Specialist and Consultant.”
Shari Flanders