Blood Moon Rising

temperenceOn April 15th, we’ll all be experiencing the effects of a lunar phenomenon called a ‘Blood Moon.’ The name alone sounds ominous and that it’s also a Full Moon eclipse (and tax day in the U.S.!)– well, sounds like there’s a horror movie in this somewhere.

Actually, there isn’t. Sometimes a Blood Moon occurs during a lunar eclipse when the Moon passes behind the Earth’s shadow. The atmosphere around the edge of the Moon glows red because large amounts of atmosphere will scatter away blue/green light and let red light go straight through. During a lunar eclipse, the Moon passes fully into the shadow of the Earth and is no longer being illuminated by the Sun. When the red light passing through the Earth’s atmosphere does reach the Moon, it shines on it, and highlights the red glow, thus creating the illusion that the Moon has turned red.

In recent years, this lunar phenomenon has been touted as a biblical warning that dire events will befall Israel and/or other countries. That may or may not happen. The important thing to keep in mind is that it’s an eclipse, and eclipses are intense. So are Full Moons (not to mention the tension of filing income taxes!). And these planetary energy events are world-wide occurrences, so it’s possible that dire events may befall a lot of people and countries. Since energy is neutral though, it’s also possible that some really great things will happen for us, too.

Solar eclipses bring new beginnings into our lives. Lunar eclipses take old, outmoded energy away from us. Let’s use this powerful planetary occurrence to release whatever burdens we’ve been carrying and prepare to welcome the new that will come into our lives on the next solar New Moon on April 29th. Make a list of everything you want to leave your life and tear it into tiny pieces and throw it away on April 15th. Also, make a list of the new that you want to come into your life and read it every day, including and beyond, April 29th. You’ll be amazed at how wonderful life will become as you begin to reflect the fabulous newness that you’re now actively attracting.

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