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To schedule an e-mail session with me, choose from the drop-down menu the number of questions you want answered and then click on the PayPal payment button. After you have done that, please send your questions to me via the Contact page on this site. I will answer them within 72 hours of receiving your e-mail. Please be specific and succinct when you ask your questions. Include your full name, birth date, place of birth and, if possible, your birthtime. Including a photo of yourself, though not necessary, is often helpful.

You’ll receive an answer to your question(s) within 72 hours. If you don’t receive a reply within 72 hours, please check the Spam or Trash folders in your inbox, before contacting me about the missing reading. If, after checking the Spam or Trash folder, your answer’s are still not there, please email me and I’ll re-send them.

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My Intuitive Gifts & Skills: Intuitive Counseling – I bring you the answers to all of your important questions by interacting with your Spirit Guides and consulting your soul’s Akashic records.

Tarot – I use these ancient pictorial “Keys” to reveal the answers to your questions and the solutions to your problems.

Astrology – Your birthchart (horoscope) is your personal roadmap to success in life. I study and interpret it so that you can choose the right relationships for yourself, make use of your innate talents and opportunities and use perfect timing to achieve your goals, as well as, avoid negative people, situations and circumstances.

Past Life Regression – I guide you back through your most impactful previous lives and facilitate you in retrieving lost information, breaking old patterns, healing old wounds, and regaining powerful insights.

Intuitive Healer – distance and in-person energy healing

Psychometry – I obtain information for you by “reading” the energy of your photographs or objects.

Dream and Symbol Interpretation – I decode the personal messages that often come to you in mystifying forms.

Palmistry – I find the information encoded in the lines of your palms, and use it to guide you to better know yourself, your potentials and your life path.

Mediumship and Channeling – I receive and interpret information and messages given to you from the ethereal realms by your guiding spirits and other departed souls.

Protection – I help you rid your life of negative or unwanted spirits as I neutralize and dispose of the effects of destructive people and psychic attacks.

Personal Energy Clearing – Personal energy clearing balances the energy fields around and within you. I assist you in improving your circumstances by clearing your personal energy field, removing blockages and redirecting your energy flow in a positive direction.

House Blessings – I prepare your home, workplace and property so that you’ ll have and know peace and prosperity in your personal and professional spaces. House Clearings (also known as “Ghost Busting”) – I rid your home and professional spaces of stagnant or negative energy and unwanted entities.

Life Coach/Mentor – Make your dreams come true as you become a modern-day alchemist! I’ll guide and advise you as you learn to turn your dormant dreams from “lead” into the “gold” of actual reality.

Motivational Speaker – I inform, empower and motivate you and your group with anecdotes, practical solutions, humor, compassion and insight.

Teacher – Guide – As a naturally gifted teacher and guide, my methods are transformational, empowering and healing in individual or group classes.

Hypnotherapy – As a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I facilitate you in motivation, removing blocks, accessing suppressed memories and creating positive, lasting changes.