July 2015 Newsletter

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want– and if they don’t find them– they make them.”
– George Bernard Shaw

sheilaa-July-15Admit it– you’d love to go. You see and feel yourself standing in the Highlands, taking it all in. It feels so right! And then, the left brain throws water on your passion and puts the fire out with what it calls ‘good reasons’– “There’s no way because ___________ ” (you fill in the blank with one of your old familiar limitations) and “This isn’t a good time; I’ll go next year, though.” (Did you ever notice how ‘next year’ never happens?)

Life has taught me to listen to and trust my heart. I’ve learned that I’m never given a wish, a hope, a desire if they aren’t meant to come true. Because I’ve learned and I trust, I live a ‘dream come true’ life. And so can you if you’re willing to do what your soul commands you to do.The Universe has supported you and your heart so far, why would it stop now?

Sheilaa Hite
The Center For Practical Spirituality

Listen to Dougie MacLean singing ‘Caledonia’

“To dream anything you want to dream– that is the beauty of the human mind.
To do anything you want to do– that is the strength of the human will.
To trust yourself to test your limits–
that is the courage to succeed.”
– Bernard Edwards

2015-Scottish-Odyssey“You have found a home…”

“Hiraeth… a homesickness, a nostalgia, a yearning for the lost places of my past.
It beckons and, at long last, I follow…”

October 10-19, 2015

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