March 2013 Tarotscope

thesunAhh, March—it’s a month of so much change and so many contrasts.  This year the old saying is proving to be true; March is coming in like a lion and (hopefully) will go out like a lamb.  The tumultuous atmospheric conditions are happening in all areas of our lives—climate wise as well as every other way—including politically, socially and spiritually.  Betty Davis’ advice is so apropos now, “Strap yourselves in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”   In addition to that, Mercury is retrograde until March 17th.  Since Mercury rules communication, transportation and contracts, when it’s retrograde, all manner of mistakes and misunderstandings can occur.  If you can, hold off on buying (or leasing) any big ticket items.  It’s also a good idea to triple check any and all plans you make.  This is an excellent time for introspection and research, as those things that are usually hidden from view, show themselves more easily during a Mercury Retrograde period.  Wait until Mercury goes direct before making any big decisions.  

THE EMPEROR (March 21 – April 20) An era is passing, and this is a good time to tie up loose ends.  Sort through old emotions, relationships and belief systems as well as old items and let go of what no longer serves a positive purpose in your life.  By so doing, you’ll clear the way for the new, fresh energies, opportunities and people who will be entering your life this coming season.

THE EMPRESS (April 21 – May 20)  Be mindful of who and what are important to you.  Allow the natural gifts of life—peace and grace—to massage the ‘muscles’ of all of your intentions and actions.  Acknowledge yourself and all that is positive in your life.  By so doing, you’ll align yourself with the energy of abundance and reap both spiritual and material rewards.  

THE LOVERS (May 21 – June 20)   Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde now and it’s a great time for you to take a break from all of those projects that you’re juggling.  Day trips to the beach, the mountains and/or the desert are the best ways for you to connect with yourself and others.  Don’t try to ‘push any rivers’; just flow along with the current.  You’ll wind up in the right place everytime.    

THE CHARIOT (June 21 – July 20)  You’re in a very lucky phase right now.  Your vision for the future can manifest fully if you direct your energy intuitively and intellectually.  How do you do that?  By letting your heart tell you what you want and then allowing your mind to create the plan that will bring your desires to fruition.  

THE SUN (July 21 – August 22) Uncharacteristically, you will be better off if you keep a low profile for the next few weeks.  During this low-key phase, observe the other players on your life’s stage.  Are they as supportive as they claim to be?  Do they bring out the best in you or…?  If it’s necessary for you to ‘recast’ some of those players—don’t hesitate.  You’ll be glad you did.     

THE HERMIT (August 23 – September 22)  Relax and honor yourself.  Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde now and it’s a great time for you to devote more of your energy to yourself.  Get massages, take naps and treat yourself with the kind of gentle focus that you would use in taking care of others.   

JUSTICE (September 23 – October 22)  The slate has been wiped clean and you have several choices in front of you now.  Choose with your emotions and you’ll pay dearly.  Choose with your head and you’ll be able to wisely pick the path that will support you as you move toward accomplishing your goals.  

THE MAGICIAN (October 23 – November 21) It’s time for you to ‘dance like no one’s watching.’  Let your innermost being express itself in the light of day.  Trying to keep your secret dreams hidden from others only makes them harder for you to access.  Help from a colleague or schoolmate is on the way.

THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE (November 22 – December 21)  Luck has everything to do with it.  Luck and faith.  You’re very blessed and no matter what or how things appear to be—always keep your eyes focused on the prize.  Make your wish list and support it by doing the due diligence that’ll provide you with powerful information and help.

THE WORLD (December 22 – January 19)  You’re going through a big transformation.  This is an idea whose time has come, so surrender to it and let it take you where you need to go.  Your aspirations are solid, allow Divine Timing and Grace to sync them up with the Universe and you’ll benefit from the experience.  Acknowledgement and help will come from unexpected sources. 

THE STAR (January 20 – February 19)    Listen.  That’s it—just listen.  The Universe is speaking to you.  All of your questions are being answered, not in the way that you’ve learned to expect them to be answered, but in their own way and in a language that speaks of and to your highest good.  So just listen—you’ll know everything you need to know in the most timely manner.  

THE MOON (February 20 – March 20)  “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.”  Auntie Mame pointed that out decades ago and it’s still true today.  Are you looking at the glass as half full or half empty?  Remember, it’s your perspective and your perception that define the quality of your life and dreams.  This month, consciously choose to sit at the head of the banquet table.  By so doing, you’ll set into motion the positive energy that will shift the way life responds to you.