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“In the end, what we truly regret are the places we didn’t visit, the friendships we didn’t nurture, the chances we didn’t take.” -Wisdom Keepers

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Mercury Retrograde . . .

e7fc475f-8357-414a-a2dc-4c77e899371eThe planet of communication, logic, roadways and best-laid plans, Mercury, will be going retrograde on Monday, May 18th at 8:49pm EDT. It’ll be retrograde until Thursday, June 11@ 5:33pm EDT. I’m being so exact with the date and time because I want all of the lead time I can get and I’m sure you want the same.

Lead time? Yes, lead time to not only begin but put the finishing touches on those ideas and projects that have to be completed without too much of a hitch; lead time to book those theatre, plane and concert tickets you’ve been meaning to book; lead time to get your ducks in a row before the energetic hail storm of Mercury retrograde in its own sign, Gemini, descends from the heavens.

Although it has a tendency to delay or obstruct our processes, it’s important to remember that Mercury retrograde doesn’t permanently impede our progress. It also provides us with lots of opportunities to examine and re-examine our motives, actions and lives. The ‘re’ in retrograde points to a positive way to use any retrograde period, such as research, renew, go on a retreat. It’s a great time for introspection and investigation, too, as those things that are usually hidden from view, show themselves more easily during a Mercury Retrograde period.

I’ve successfully initiated several big projects, leased a few cars, gotten a couple of jobs and taken some great vacations while Mercury did its infamous backwards dance. The keys to my successfully avoiding the problems others had to deal with were attention to detail and tenacity. Knowing that Mercury is at its most capricious during a retrograde period, I always triple check every detail and make extra effort to insure that the information I have is up to the minute accurate.

This upcoming retrograde will be especially interesting because Mercury is in its own sign, Gemini, during the retrograde period and will be moving very slowly– going back over things that need a more thorough look. Rather than rely on your intellect, trust and use your intuition as you carefully navigate your chosen terrain and you’ll come out of this particular retrograde with a deeper and more powerful sense of yourself and your world.

Lots of Joy,

About Choices, Regrets and the link to a great article

I found this article recently and it couldn’t be more apropos!
The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things!
Wow– spirituality and science in agreement!

Some people have responded when they read about or heard of my upcoming Scottish Odyssey, “I’d really love to but I’m afraid I can’t spend money for that right now. I’m saving for _________.” (You fill in the blank.)

7fa23f43-85b5-4d77-89e0-58d3754a16d0I’m for responsible use of my resources, too, but whenever I hear that, I wonder how and why they’ve come to believe that investing in the joy of their heart and Spirit, and the growth of their soul is an act of irresponsibility? Life has taught me that if the Universe has given a person the ability to recognize something the soul wants, it will also give that person the means to obtain it, as well as the means to re-fill their coffers when they do.

The value of the adventures we allow ourselves is priceless and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Research has shown that at the end of our lives, we regret what we didn’t do much more than we regret what we did do and of those regrets, #1 is not traveling to new places when you had the opportunity to. Happiness is a choice. I invite you to step beyond the limits of impossibility thinking and discover that the Universe does and will support you in the most magical and abundant ways!

Odyssey Registration Deadline Extended to July 15th!

2015-Scottish-Odyssey“You have found a home…”

“Hiraeth… a homesickness, a nostalgia, a yearning for the lost places of my past.
It beckons and, at long last, I follow…”

October 10-19, 2015

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