Part 4: Paris, Cairo, & the Nile– Your soul is calling!

Another fine day in Paris! (Actually, if it’s Paris, regardless of the weather, it’s always a fine day.) I’m with my friend, Jan, who is here on her first visit. We’re having lunch under the arches at Café Marly, a restaurant whose outdoor dining area faces the glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre. The sun is shining, the sky is a clear light cerulean blue, and the gentle breeze is lightly caressing us.

Over a scrumptious meal, we engaged in “shop” talk– Jan’s an amazing therapist, and like me, a metaphysician and a healer. True shop talk among metaphysicians is profound and often a form of channeling and exchanging information from higher realms. As we talked, it became clear that we weren’t just having lunch, we were also in a spiritual “staff” meeting conducted by the “Front Office”.

We got on the subject of Egypt and Jan asked me what I thought the purpose of my Egyptian Odyssey’s was. Without missing a beat, I responded, “There’s a series of these Egyptian Odysseys and each one attracts and identifies a particular type of spiritual specialist. We’re being brought together because we’re ready to be distributed over the globe to the places where our Light and our energy can connect and do the work they were developed for.”

Jan replied, “Yes, the energy is connected like the lines on a grid and each person is distributed to a place where their particular Light connects and distributes the energy necessary to achieve our goal of healing and wholeness. The goddess Isis is an important part of all of this because she brings all of the parts together and activates the transformational energy needed to accomplish our healing objective.”

We were both in a kind of zone and could actually see and feel the Light-energy grid covering the earth. Just then, Jan looked over my shoulder and up at the sky. She pointed and excitedly said, “Look, Isis is here to validate our information!” I turned and looked. Sure enough, a large cloud formation in the shape of the winged goddess Isis and a smaller one in the shape of Horus had appeared in the sky over the glass pyramid in the Louvre courtyard!

Amazed, delighted, and humbled, we could only smile and nod our heads in acknowledgement and wonder at the power and perfection of it.

After lunch, we met our Louvre guide who performed another kind of magic– immediately getting us into the Louvre without having to stand in a 2-hour line! From the beginning, we knew our guide, Veronique, was assigned to us form the Front Office. In almost every painting and sculpture, she pointed out the artist created triangles and pyramids that served as focal points for our energy and attention. Our whirlwind tour ended with a visit to my dear friend, Mona Lisa, who graced us with her smile of calm assurance as she ever so slightly nodded her head in acknowledgement of us.

“Egypt beckons us home to unlock and activate our powerful energy centers. This is the time of the Great Initiation of soulful empaths, sacred messages, and the opening of some of our most important and impactful spiritual access gates– our chakras. Because you see and experience life more deeply than others, Egypt’s call to you promises that every day there, will in some way give you plenty of opportunity to experience the gentle embrace of your Egyptian past lives. Each of us is a Masterwork of Divine Intention and the time has come for us to know and honor this powerful part of our soul’s lineage by consciously accepting and activating our life’s purpose of Mastery…”

Sailing along the Nile River is the everything of river cruising. There were all kinds of off-ship adventures and activities. Those brave enough, went on the early morning hot air balloon ride over the mesmerizing Valley of the Kings. The rest of us happily greeted them when they returned. Every day, after our off-ship excursions, we gathered in the “living room” of the ship– the deck– and relaxed, interacting with each other as we floated by what our souls recognized as familiar territory.

We loved visiting the alabaster shop and purchasing exquisite hand-crafted treasures made in the same way for thousands of years. Each piece carried an energy that spoke to the soul of the purchaser.

I remember the morning our bespoke tapestry coats arrived. In Luxor, we’d each picked out our tapestry and been measured by tailors, who, with lightning speed, created the stunning garments we were happily unwrapping and modeling.

My favorite on-board experience, though, was our just being our natural selves as we sat on our “living room” deck and relaxed and visited with each other. There is something about sailing on that ancient waterway that strips away the anxieties and heaviness of the past as it fills you with a powerful remembrance of your soul’s evolution over countless lifetimes.

Part of our on-board interaction was reading for each other. Those of us who were readers, professional and otherwise, did readings for members of our group, our soul family. Every reader had their own special method– Damla gave Turkish coffee ground readings, Renata read palms and cards, Barbara consulted Spirit via Tarot cards, and I was happy that I had time to give a few readings, too.

As we visited the temples along the Nile– Edfu, Kom Ombo, and finally Philae, the temple of the great goddess, Isis, we more and more connected with our true essence and stepped into our power. The results of the shift were felt and seen by all of us.

At Isis’ temple, we took a smaller boat and sailed first to the ruins of her ancient temple where I gave a channeled guided meditation and talk. We could feel her presence and her embrace. Afterwards, we sailed to her larger, resurrected temple and there we got to stand at her alter and put our hands on it. The energy that entered our hands as we touched her alter was amazing! I could see the stunning effects of the life changing experience in each person in our group. By simply being there and touching her alter, the personal work we’d been doing, the goals we’d been striving for were validated and achieved! Even now, when I remember those times, I weep in appreciation and joy at what I witnessed and experienced.

Afterwards, we visited the Nubian museum and the Aswan spice market where everyone but me bought some of the beautifully displayed aromatic spices. Though I’m an appreciator of good food, I’m not much of a cook, so I was happy to sit that experience out as the rest of the group enjoyed being in “spice heaven”.

We left the ship on the Nile the next morning and flew to Cairo. Let me say that again. We left the ship on the Nile the next morning and flew to Cairo. Doesn’t that sentence sound like a line from a classic movie? Such was our experience in Egypt this lifetime. So real and other worldly that many of our references were cinematic.

When we landed in Cairo, we were met by our tour company representative who helped us gather our luggage for the ride to the hotel where we’d stay for the remainder of our time in Egypt.

I decided to check the airport to make sure we were all present and accounted for so I walked back to all of the places we’d been since we landed. As I re-entered the hall we were all gathered in, I heard Doreene say, “Look at Sheilaa, walking around like she owns the place!” It was then that I realized that from my posture, my stride, the way I moved my head as I scouted the terrain, my mind-set, even the way my coat moved as I walked, that in that moment, I wasn’t Sheilaa; I had slipped into a past life as a general checking his troops!

That’s one of the things I love about being in Egypt– without effort, the essence of who you are or need to be at any given moment displays itself.

That night, back at the hotel, we relaxed as we processed our Nile River experience. Doing so helped us prepare for the events of the next day, our final day in Egypt, which would end with our visit to the Great Pyramid and climbing the interior of it for the ceremony in the King’s Chamber.

~ ~ ~

I encourage you to join us on the upcoming Egyptian Odyssey, December 4-15, 2023. Already written by the gods, you will encounter, experience, and inhabit your true essence. The discovery of who you are and what you are meant for is essential to your being and is a priceless realization. As we sail the Nile River, your chakra points will be awakened and activated, thus achieving a many lifetimes goal of conscious access to your power and purpose. As you read the itinerary, picture yourself there in Egypt, experiencing and remembering who you are and who you are meant to be.

The Egyptian Odyssey 2023

The Nile River & the Chakras– the Divine Path of Initiation


It’s going to be a phenomenal experience. I worked hard to get you the same type of experiences that made my solo journey there memorable, transformational, delightful, and life enhancing– and all at a really great price.

(Comparatively speaking, an Egyptian tour offering experiences with the quality, variety, transformational depth, AND private audiences

?of our top-of-the-line Odyssey is easily 2-3 times the cost of ours.) Be inspired and come along on the journey of many lifetimes! And please feel free to share this itinerary with others.

Mon, 4 Dec.: Arrive at Cairo airport where you’ll be met by our representative who will assist you through customs and baggage claim. They’ll transport you to our hotel and assist you with the check-in process. En route, you’ll catch your first glimpse of the Great Pyramid– breath taking! We’ll gather for our first group dinner and meeting in the evening. (Dinner)

Tue, 5 Dec.: Morning tour of the Giza Plateau outside the three great pyramids. Private visit to the guardian of the pyramids, the Great Sphinx. You may shed tears at the wonder of it all! Visit Isis Temple and Valley Temple. A panorama view of the site– a great photo op! And for the more adventurous, a camel or horse ride– a grand experience and another picturesque photo op. Visit to a specialty oils shop. Visit 4,700-year-old Step Pyramid, Egypt’s oldest surviving pyramid and Saqqara, an important, recently unearthed burial site and one of Egypt’s richest archaeological sites. Tour one of Egypt’s most venerable carpet factories. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Wed, 6 Dec.: Fly to Aswan. Check in to our Dahabiya, our private ship. We’ll visit Philae temple, home of the goddess, Isis, the Divine Feminine, for one of our Alignment ceremonies in the “holiest of holies” area of the temple. Visit the Nubian museum and the spice market. Have the first of our Aura-Chakra photo session readings. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Thur, 7 Dec.: Sail to Kom Ombo to visit the “duality” temple, dedicated to two deities, Sobek, Lord of the Waters of the Nile who brought fertility to the land, and the solar deity, Horus. Have the next set of our Aura-Chakra photo session readings. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Fri, 8 Dec.: Sail to Edfu temple, the temple of the god Horus. Later, as we cruise down the Nile, you can relax and begin to process all you’ve experienced so far. We’ll have the next set of our Aura-Chakra photo session readings. Mile after wondrous mile, you’ll observe so many timeless scenes on shore– your mind will not have words to describe them; your heart and soul, though… (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Sat, 9 Dec.: An optional hot air balloon ride is available if you choose. Visit Hatshepsut temple, the temple of only the third woman to become pharaoh in 3,000 years of ancient Egyptian history, and the first to attain the full power of the position. Visit to an alabaster shop for a demonstration of the centuries-old art of beautiful functional and fine art carvings. Visit to one of my favorite spiritual sites– a phenomenal jewelry shop! (Breakfast, Lunch. Dinner)

Sun, 10 Dec.: Visit Karnack Temple where we’ll be granted an exclusive private audience with Sekhmet, the powerful goddess of protection and healing! Bring your wish list! We’ll visit a Papyrus shop and learn about the many uses of this versatile plant. We’ll check out of our dahabiya and check into a hotel. Later, there will be shopping! (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Mon, 11 Dec: We’ll visit Dendera, the temple of Hathor, goddess of music, dance, love, and beauty. Later, we’ll visit Abydos Temple, the temple of the 7 gods, where you will “meet” and receive messages from one of your guardian gods. You’ll also get to decide if some of the ancient carvings are indeed helicopters and jet planes! Later, we’ll have an opportunity to buy unique hand-woven scarves and order a bespoke jacket or coat. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Tue, 12 Dec.: We’ll fly to Cairo. We’ll enjoy a visit to Old Cairo where we’ll visit the old tent makers quarter and have an opportunity to buy some of the most exquisite hand-crafted fabric art. While there, we’ll visit the incredible Sultan Hassan Mosque, one of the most beautiful mosques in the Middle East, the historic Ben Ezra Synagogue, and one of the oldest Coptic churches in Egypt, the Hanging Church where Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus rested at the end of their journey into Egypt. We’ll visit an Egyptian cotton goods shop (Egyptian cotton is among the best in the world.) (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Wed, 13 Dec.: Today we’ll visit the King’s chamber in the great pyramid for our all-empowering and transformational Crown Chakra Initiation ceremony. We’ll visit the Egyptian Museum and if it’s open, we’ll visit the brand-new Grand Egyptian Museum where we’ll see some of the most famous artifacts and mummified remains in the world as we examine remarkable statues of the Pharaohs, goddesses and gods, sarcophagi, and jewelry, including the legendary collection from the tomb of the boy pharaoh, Tutankhamen. We’ll enjoy a mesmerizing performance of the Al-Tanoura Egyptian Heritage Sufi Dancers and Dinner. (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)

Thur, 14 Dec.: We’ll visit the city of Alexandria on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast. It’s home to the ancient library of knowledge and the Citadel of Qaitbay. Back in Cairo, we’ll meet for our Farewell Dinner and celebrate our once-in-a-lifetime journey, our renewal, our reconnection to Egypt and our eternal selves. (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)

Fri, 15 Dec.: After our final Egyptian breakfast, we check out of the hotel and transfer to Cairo airport for the flight home. As we fly away, we see the Pyramids from the air, and know we have been transformed and will return to this magical, mystical land again. (Breakfast)

~ ~ ~

Thank you all for letting me know how much you appreciate my weekly Astrological videos offering great, easy to understand, and apply to your life advice. I love that people are benefitting from the information and that so many of you have begun using the power of Moon Water to enhance your lives. If you’re not aware of Moon Water or how to make it, you’ll find the instructions in my May 2022 Week 1 video on my website

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Lots of Joy & May All Your Dreams Come True!


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