The Black Madonna – A Journey of Grace from the Gate of Life to the Holy Grail

A unique alchemy of tour, retreat, vision quest, and spiritual adventure

October 25 – November 3, 2019

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“Every archetype has its seasons. They come and go according to the deepest needs of the psyche, both personal and collective. Today the Black Madonna is returning.” – Matthew Fox


Guided by Sheilaa Hite

The Black Madonna, called by many names and steeped in the same kind of history, mystique, power, and revelation as the Da Vinci Code, personifies the Feminine Face of the Divine.

The patron saint of Catalonia and Barcelona, she is revered in over 160 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, India, and the Americas. Like the Tarot’s Empress, she is the “gate of life,” a mysterious, nurturing, protecting presence whose lineage weaves through the ancient Egyptian, Middle Eastern, and Celtic goddesses, Mary Magdalene, Tara, the Cathars, and the Templars. Sacred even before Christianity, her presence takes our pain, doubts, and fears and grants us the manifestation of our hopes, wishes, and desires.

Join us as we answer her call to be reborn, and to experience our own mythical voyage to the intention Divine Life has for us. Journey with us to the lands that have venerated the Black Madonna, the lands of the Cathars, the Templars, and Mary Magdalene, to unveil and reclaim your soul’s hidden treasure—your direct, conscious connection to the Divine.

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On this exhilarating pilgrimage, you will raise your spirit to reflect the Love and Light in her eyes that illuminate your soul’s liberating path to wholeness. As the Aura of Grace through whom Divine Light shines and all things become possible, she offers us our own holy grail of spiritual evolution and new
life. In doing so, we leave behind the limitations of the past and are transformed as we find, live, and thrive in our own truth.

Guided by Daniel Piatek

Each day’s experiences and destinations will provide extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for soul-evolving shifts through meditations, nature walks, interactions in mystical places, ceremonies, creating personal talismans and daily numerological, astrological, and Tarot readings as we reconnect ourselves to the sacredness of life with grace, glee, solemnity, and wonder.

From Barcelona we’ll journey through the beauty of Catalonia and the Pyrenees into France, traveling through medieval cities and villages as we meet and interact with the pivotal Black Madonnas of our pilgrimage. We’ll visit sacred sites, be cleansed of our pain and past in ancient waters, and attend special audiences with Divine Spirit. Atop mystical Montserrat, we’ll spend 2 wondrous days at the home of the Patroness of Catalonia, the venerable Black Madonna. Among assorted legends of all kinds, the Montserrat Monastery has been a purported location of the renowned Holy Grail. We’ll participate in a transformative 2-Day Workshop while relishing these days and nights in a conscious, altered state of being, communing and bonding with our Higher Selves and our Spirit Guides.

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Photo: José Luiz Bernardes Ribeiro / CC BY-SA 3.0

We’ll have an audience with La Moreneta, Montserrat’s Black Madonna, and possibly receive a message from her; we’ll visit the most beautiful cathedral in the world and sit in the special pew that not only knows your soul’s history but can reveal it to you; we’ll walk the Way of the Votives where our prayers will be amplified and answered; and, if we choose to, we’ll interact with other sacred beings in residence. You can read more about our inspirational visit to the monastery here.

  • Our Itinerary includes these visits & specially designed transformational ceremonies:
  • A tour of the historic quarter of Girona, including enchanting “Game of Thrones” filming locations
  • The magnificent Park Güell in Barcelona, masterpiece of visionary architect Antoni Gaudí
  • The castle of Gala Dalí (wife & muse of Salvador) in Púbol
  • Overnight in France & a soul healing ceremony at the healing baths of Les Bains de Llo
  • A special blessing and consecration of your journey in Besalú & Olot
  • Be transported through time while immersed in the enchantment of the medieval village of Besalú
  • 3 nights on majestic Montserrat, meeting with the Patroness of Catalonia, the Black Madonna
  • Special 2-Day Workshop in Montserrat & visit the spot that reveals your soul’s history to you
  • Return home with the talisman you create for yourself, capturing the magic that you discovered
  • Countless serendipitous wonders and memories to feed your soul, renew your spirit, and transform your life.

$ 3,695. (includes all Breakfasts & Dinners)
until Deadline on September 8, 2019.

“People in the Old World and the New have known forever about our origins. Black is holy.
It’s the mysteries of the night sky. We both come from and are contained somehow by this darkness.” – Meinrad Craighead

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