Sheilaa on The Contact Talk Radio Network – Tomorrow!

I’ll be the guest on The Contact Talk radio Network show — DearJames, on Thursday @ 12 noon EDT. Tune in for an amazing hour with two wonderful Intuitives as we discuss my upcoming Scottish Highlands and Islands Odyssey!

Here is the link

DearJames™ is proud to welcome his longtime friend, advisor and Top 100 Physics & Astrologers in America, Sheilaa Hite, to discuss her upcoming Scottish Highlands and Islands Odyssey.

We will cover, in-depth, this amazing upcoming spiritual odyssey that will be led by Sheilaa and cover her remarkable gifts in the mediums of Clairvoyance, Tarot & Astrology.

Sheilaa is a Tarot Master, profoundly gifted Intuitive and tenured Astrologer.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to listen to our discussion on what will occur on this Spiritual Scottish Odyssey as well as be one of the first persons to reserve a place on this once in a lifetime journey.

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