A Special 1-Day Tarot Master Class

929Sunday April 6th 10-6pm
$98 prepay by March 30th or $108 thereafter

“How soon?”
“How long?”

These are the most often asked questions during a consultation.

Determining the timing of events during a consultation is a subtle art in itself– learn how to “just know” or “feel” the answers to your timing questions.

Very often, your first impressions of a Tarot card are the primary colors on it. These colors aren’t randomly chosen– their symbology is as important a part of the answer as the suit and number of the card. Learn the significance of primary colors and how to interpret them in the Tarot.

The numbers on the cards in a Tarot consultation reflect life experiences and stages of development. They direct your attention to previously hidden information that can significantly deepen the meaning of the answers you’re seeking.This Master Class will focus on:

Dynamic Tarot Spreads:
*  Timing Skills

*  Timing of Events During a Tarot Consultation

* The Significance of Primary Colors in the Tarot

* Unveiling the Mysteries of the Numbers & Symbols
in the Tarot

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To Register call 413-528-2595

Crystal Wellness Center

Upstairs at Crystal Essence

39 Railroad Street

Great Barrington, MA 01230




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