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Spell Casting & Psychic Intuition

PSYCHIC-INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT CERTIFICATION COURSE – Introductory Level – 8 weeks, $150.00Starts Thursday, September 23 – 5-6:30pm – In this introductory course, you will begin the process of learning to trust your natural conduit to and from the Divine– your intuition. (This course is a perfect preparation course for any of my other courses.) Through a series of specially designed exercises and meditations, you will discover how your particular intuitive skill set functions. As you learn how to tell the difference between “mind chatter” and true intuitive knowing, your new-found abilities will open up a whole new world for you. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be presented with an Introductory Level certificate of Psychic-Intuitive Development proficiency.

SPELL CASTING CERTIFICATION COURSE – Beginner Level, 8 weeks, $150.00Starts Thursday, September 23rd – 7-8:30pm – This foundation level course will continue to safely introduce you to the art and practice of powerful spell casting. As you discover how to live a magical life, you’ll perfect casting a circle, enacting protection rituals, connecting with your power, and manifesting your dreams. You’ll build on the process of learning to awaken your connection to your inner abilities and meet guiding ancestors and spiritual mentors. You’ll perfect the practice of candle carving, color magic, and drawing down the powers of the Moon. This course includes special guided processes designed to enhance your learning experience. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be presented with a Beginner Level certificate of Spell Casting proficiency.