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Spell Casting


Starts Thursday, June 13th – 7–8:30pm EDT

MONEY MANIFESTATION SPELLCASTING COURSE – 8 weeks, $222.00 – Where does money come from during times of great abundance? Where does it go during recessions? This course will introduce you to the art and practice of abundance and wealth manifestation through learning how to attract, receive, and joyfully accept what you want as you align your energy with the energies of creation. Discover how to live a rich, magical life as you learn to identify and remove the ancestral blocks to your birthright of receiving and living in abundance. You will begin the process of learning how to create pathways to and awaken your connections with the Universal treasure trove that is a part of your natural inheritance. You will learn how to fashion your own powerful manifestation mantra and enlist the help of spiritual mentors. This course includes special guided processes designed to enhance your learning experience.