Spell/Enchantment Kits

I have created these Enchantments (Spell) Kits with the timeless, infinite mastery that has been passed down to me through the ages.

Each kit is designed to place you and your quest in alignment with Divine Intention, aided by powerful forces in both the seen and unseen realms. Directly descended from an infinite spiritual and corporeal lineage of perfected seers, healers, and Spellcasters, I have activated each kit with the mystical, transcendent energies of my ethereal and familial ancestors. May all your dreams come true!

Each kit comes with all the ingredients you’ll need to make magic and transform your life.

  1. Love – attract that special person of your dreams
  2. Money/Abundance – change your relationship with money & reap the rewards
  3. Inspiration – get your creative, inventive juices flowing!
  4. Self-Esteem – boost your confidence and reflect on the incredibility that is you.

Each kit contains:

  • A color coded intention setting candle
  • Dried flowers energetically matched to your quest
  • A vial of specially created Essential Oil
  • A crystal/mineral spiritually synchronized to your quest
  • A charm infused with the attributes of your quest
  • An affirmation card specifically channeled for your quest
  • Instructions for working your Spell

$65 each (OR include my book of powerful Spells/Enchantments, Secrets of a Psychic Counselor, for the special price of $10.00 for just $75 for both!)