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Tarot Certification On-Line Courses

June 2024 Courses

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Starts Monday, June 10th – 7-8:30pm EDT

BEGINNING TAROT CERTIFICATION COURSE – LEVEL 2 – Beginner Level (3 of Pentacles Level), 8 weeks, $180.00 – You will continue strengthening your relationship with the fundamentals of the Tarot with an emphasis on The Fool’s journey through the two sections of the Tarot– the Major and Minor Arcanas. You will continue the process of learning how to connect with what Paulo Coelho refers to as the “soul of the world”– the source of your intuition– through the Tarot. You will continue learning about your Spirit Guides and the importance of invoking Spiritual protection. This course includes special Guided Meditations designed to enhance your learning process.

Starts Thursday, June 13th – 5-6:30pm EDT

INTERMEDIATE TAROT CERTIFICATION COURSE– LEVEL 3 – Intermediate Level (6 of Pentacles Level), 8 weeks, $180.00 – In this continuation of the foundation course, you will continue to explore, learn, and read the Tarot with a special emphasis on learning to read for yourself and others. You will continue following the The Fool’s journey through the two sections of the Tarot– the Major and Minor Arcanas. You will continue the process of learning how to accurately read the timing of events with the Tarot. You will deepen your ability to listen to and trust your intuitive connection to the “soul of the world”— the source of your intuition. You will learn more about your Spirit Guides and how to invoke Spiritual protection. This course includes special Guided Meditations designed to enhance your learning process.

All of the courses can be taken in sequence or as stand-alone courses.

Wonder which course or level is right for you?

Contact me and I’ll help you determine what will work best for you. All courses are recorded.

Become A Tarot Master!

Learn to read Tarot Cards using the Sheilaa L Hite Method–
Combining Intuition, Intellect, & Spirit

I have a 95-100% accuracy rate and so can you!

With the right teacher, you can master the depth and complexities of the Tarot in record time. As a Tarot Master listed in Paulette Cooper’s directory, “The 100 Top Psychics and Astrologers in America,” I am that teacher! I de-mystify and teach the Tarot in relatable and easy to understand terms. In addition to learning the Tarot when you study with me, you’ll discover that you are a natural divining instrument with the ability to, as Paulo Coelho puts it, “connect with the Soul of the World” as you access information from all realms. I teach you how to find, nurture, train, and work with your instrument so that you and it are a winning team.

Through the Tarot, we’re able to tap into the Source of All Knowledge. The Tarot is a fascinating, record-keeping personal GPS system consisting of 78 cards. It answers questions as diverse and light as what movie to see, as well as the most profound questions like, “what’s my life’s purpose?” Learning to read the Tarot offers you access and connection to one of our most sacred repositories– the Infinite Mysteries and Wisdom of Life. Let the Tarot take you on a journey of discovery designed to guide you in connecting with the all-knowing Source. Once connected, you are empowered and Divinely assisted in skillfully steering your own course through life as you were meant to– with mastery, prosperity, confidence, and grace.

Whether you choose to study for your own personal growth or to become an accomplished professional, my Tarot Certification courses are designed to teach you what I have learned– the facts and fine points of the Tarot as well as how to “see” the answers, get the cards to “talk” to you, and expertly interpret what they are telling you.

You Will Learn:

  • To read the cards like a Pro

  • How to turn “no” into “yes”

  • Compatibility & relationship analysis

  • How to uncover secrets & motivations

  • The timing of events & the art of Prediction

  • And so much more…

About Sheilaa…

I’m a world renowned Tarot Master, instructor, Master Astrologer, Intuitive, Modern-Day Alchemist, Spellcaster, Readers Studio Master Class teacher, and author whose mastery of the Tarot and Astrology, and ability to develop these gifts in others, is legendary. Featured in Paulette Cooper’s book, “The 100 Top Psychics and Astrologers in America,” I have an accuracy rate of 95-100%. I’m the author of three books on the Tarot– “The Infinite Tarot,” “101 Tarot Spreads,” and “101 Tarot Spreads by 20 Tarot Masters”. “I am, by design of the Creator, a compassionate Master– a naturally powerful, empowering guide and guardian of the way, whose innate abilities to courageously expand the concept of reality beyond all imaginable limits and then recreate it in a beneficial new form is as intricately woven a part of me as is my commitment to the power of the Light and the continuity of Life.”

“Sheilaa, you accomplished more than any teacher or any book I’ve read in three years. You made Tarot easy-- your perspective on the cards is very simple, logical, and easy to follow. You’re one of the most engaging and outstanding teachers I’ve ever had the privilege to study with. ”
Brandy Latshaw
The Berkshires, MA