The Three Pictorial Muse Images

it3nSet your intention by taking three deep, rhythmic, gentle breaths and then, click on the Pictorial Muse Images link below. The three images that will describe you and your quest will appear. Write the word that appears with each image in your journal. Write your impression of each word and its accompanying image and what thoughts and/or feelings come up for you when you look at it.

The three images and words that have come up for you are a reflection of you, your combined strengths and your best qualities as you work with this manifestation process.

Every time you see or think of them, you’ll be activating the part of your brain that allows you access between your conscious and subconscious mind.

View Your Three Pictorial Muse Images

If you have purchased The Spiritual Hedonist as an ebook, you can download the accompanying exercise workbook here.
Download The Pictorial Muses PDF Exercises