August 2013 Tarotscope

thesunIt’s August already! The vacation season is almost over; where has the Summer gone!? This month is ruled by The Sun card, which encourages you to relax, play and listen to your heart. Instead of being the workaholic automaton that you tend to imitate the other three seasons of the year, let The Sun guide you back to your pre-teen years when all that mattered was getting outside and enjoying those lovely, lazy, hazy days of Summer and the freedom of school vacation. Go ahead– enjoy life from the perspective of a 10 year-old– you deserve it!

THE EMPEROR (March 21 – April 20) Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” is your mantra. Repeat it to yourself as you risk making the necessary commitments to manifest your deepest desires.  The groundwork you have laid in the past is your foundation– build on it and you will see positive results before the holidays.

THE EMPRESS (April 21 – May 20) Your efforts are beginning to pay off. ‘Stay the course’ as you take your bows and accept well-deserved rewards.  An old acquaintance resurfaces, wanting ‘another chance’.  Reminder– issues of the past are often better left in the past.

THE LOVERS (May 21 – June 20) Don’t dissipate your energy by telling others of your plans.  Like newly planted seeds, they need time to grow and take root without the doubt raising opinions of those who don’t share your vision.  Focus on the positive and you will have reason to celebrate.  

THE CHARIOT (June 21 – July 20) Your ‘lucky period’ continues.  Your ideas are worth a lot now.  With proper planning and the support of appropriate actions– focus, faith and follow-through– the bounty will roll in!  Remember to be grateful.

THE SUN (July 21 – August 22) Avoid worn-out negative emotions that cause you to project unnecessary ‘dramas’ onto your present-day life.  The worst is over.  Go within and listen as you discover the peace and self-mastery that awaits you.  You have worked hard for this– let yourself enjoy it.

THE HERMIT (August 23 – September 22) It would be quite a gift indeed to see ourselves as others see us.  Stand in the ‘center’ of what you have created and take stock of your situation. You are your greatest asset and the best person to decide the course of your destiny. Rely on your intuitive sense for guidance and you will not fail.

JUSTICE (September 23 – October 22) Remember the lyrics of that old song?  “Got the world on a string, sitting on a rainbow, got that string around my finger.”  You will be singing it soon.  Assistance will come from a surprise source.  Your key phrase is “Keep on keeping on.” 

THE MAGICIAN (October 23 – November 21) Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.  You are experiencing that phenomenon now.  Your real test is to accept what is happening with grace and trust.  It really is for the best.  Your key phrase is “I let go and let God.”

WHEEL OF FORTUNE (November 22 – December 21) The Universe is acknowledging you in a powerful way.  Breathe a sigh of relief as you count your winnings.  You must make an important decision for your present and future well-being, and that decision must come from your heart and nowhere else.  Your key word is Gratitude.

THE WORLD (December 22 – January 19) You are coming to the end of an important cycle in your life.  You must be willing to see things as they are and not as you imagined them to be.  You will profit from the insights you gain about your life and the people in it.  Your key phrase is “Clarity in action.”

THE STAR (January 20 – February 19) Do the words power, success and fulfillment mean anything to you?  They should– they are interchangeable with your own name right now.  Take matters into your own hands and listen to your inner voice as your ‘star’ rises.

THE MOON (February 20 – March 20) The Universe is providing you with the opportunity to become a Master of discernment as you fully experience the effects of your choices.  You are learning that How and Why you choose are just as important as What you choose.