temperenceMy grandmother was right. She was a powerful Seer and when I was born, she told my parents that I was a special child with great spiritual gifts. She instructed them to dress me in certain colors and when I began to talk to always pay attention to what I told them whenever my voice deepened and changed cadence.

Because my parents listened to her, I was and am blessed to have been raised with my gifts intact. As I interpreted dreams, deciphered omens and clarified messages for them, they encouraged me to trust and always follow my intuition. That, combined with their therapeutic training and perspective, was the world in which I was nurtured and raised. My greatest motivator is knowing that we are meant to be happy—that our wishes, hopes and desires are meant to come true. This unique perspective enables me to provide practical solutions to both spiritual and worldly issues.

I love my work, I love that I’ve been chosen to do it and I love that I’m good at it. Helping people to be happy and feel empowered makes me happy. Life is a grand adventure and we are meant to enjoy and grow from the experience.

Recognized as “One of the foremost Intuitives and healers on the planet today,” my accuracy rate of 95-100% has been affirmed by more than 5,000 clients from every walk of life– including celebrities, show business personalities, sports figures, politicians, homemakers, students of all ages, business professionals and members of the clergy and the military, as well as film studios and production companies.

“I am, by design of the Creator, a compassionate Master of the Sacred Ancient Arts– directly descended from a venerable spiritual and corporeal lineage of ancient adepts, spiritual warriors and perfected sages, seers and healers… I am ageless and endless; ever committed to remembering and learning from my soul’s many sojourns through the infinite regions of our earthly sphere of experience– the eternal astral realms, the motherlands of Africa, India, Asia and the islands of the Pacific Rim, the ancient plains and empires of the Americas and Europe and the rich, fertile lands of the Mississippi Delta.”