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Part 2: Experience the Egyptian Odyssey Through My Eyes

Early morning, after breakfast, we boarded the coach for our first day’s adventures. Every morning, I asked a different person in the group to choose a word from a purple velvet drawstring bag.

The chosen word acted as a window or lens through which we experienced the events of the day and/or it described, instructed us, or in some way connected us with our experiences. The word that first day out was WONDER. It was such a perfect descriptor for the start of our great life-changing Egyptian Odyssey adventure!

As we headed toward the Giza Plateau, there was lots of nervous and anticipatory chatter about what the day could bring. Our first stop was a sight that most people have seen in photographs but relatively few people have seen in person– the three pyramids that make up the Great Pyramid Complex.

Damla’s expression says it all!

That’s when it really hits you, “I. Am. Standing. In. Front. Of. The. Great. Pyramid– In. Egypt!” We all gasped in awe and time kind of stood still. Oh, WONDER, indeed! As Rina explained the history of the Great Pyramid to us, it wasn’t lost to anyone in our group that in less than two weeks, we’d be inside that Great Pyramid, making our way to the King’s Chamber.

We had fun taking pictures of the pyramids, of ourselves at the pyramids, of each other at the pyramids. Yep– we were pyramid giddy! Here is where I really began to see the Odyssey-ites, still near strangers to each other, begin to come into conscious awareness of their soul’s rememberance of who and what they were to themselves and each other.

Barbara, Renata, & Wendy– desert explorers!

We moved on from the pyramids to another part of the Giza Plateau where, for those who wanted to, camel rides were being offered. This was an exciting opportunity for most of the Odyssey-ites. Not me, though, or Jinan, another member of the group. We realized we both thought the same way about it– did anyone ask the camels how they felt about the rides? It was fun watching the others, though, as they were guided onto the camel’s backs. For the most part, they were like little kids, giddy with excitement. And I have to admit that when I saw the riders heading for the horizon and back towards the Sphinx and the pyramids, my spirit was having a moment of nostalgic de-ja vu, remembering when I was part of a caravan crossing the desert sands as I headed for the pyramids so many lifetimes ago.

Jinan & me

As we stood watching the riders and their camels, Jinan turned to me and asked if I had something I wanted to say to her because when we’d met the day before, she noticed that I had a reaction at our first in-person meeting. I looked at her and meant to say, “I don’t think so”, but instead, what came out was, “the moment I first heard your voice six years ago on the telephone, these words and feelings fluttered through my heart and mind– ‘My child’.” She threw her arms around me and we held on to each other, both weeping joyously from soul recognition, as she exclaimed, “I knew you were my mother!” I can’t put into words how wonderful it felt after all of these lifetimes to hold my child again.

After a while, Jinan spotted someone she knew and went over to them. That person was an old college classmate of hers. What are the odds that you’re thousands of miles and years of living away from your past associates and you meet up with one of them in the shadow of the pyramids in Egypt! That’s Egypt for you– great for meeting yourself and others from your past in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes.

Still on the vast Giza Plateau, those of us who weren’t traveling to the next destination on camelback, rode there in our luxury coach. At the “jewel in the crown” of the days outing, The Great Sphinx– we gathered for our own private visit to that grand symbol of the solar deity, protection, and wisdom. Larger and more majestic than you expect, with paws higher than most of us are tall, the Sphinx is everything you’ve imagined it to be. Though it’s visible from a distance, you have to have a special permit to walk around it and stand within its outstretched front legs.

Rina and the Goddess Ma’at had a vision of how our time there was to be, so we followed Ma’at’s instructions and let each Odyssey-ite choose a white feather symbolizing balance, truth, and harmony and a brass Ankh, symbolizing eternal life, that was to be worn on a ribbon around their necks.

The energy of the Sphinx is incredible! I could feel and hear his heart beating as we walked around it and stood in the shelter of his towering form. I gathered everyone together and we took a journey into the heart of the Sphinx via a Guided Meditation that revealed the first of many of each individual soul’s treasures. I felt that this wondrous symbol of ancient and modern Egypt was telling us that he held us safely in his heart and would be one of our protector-guides on our Odyssey.

The guided meditation over, we nestled next to his heart as we gathered for a group photo in the arms of the Sphinx. As soon as the picture was taken, Rina looked to her left, pointed to an ancient temple ruin, and exhorted us with the cry, “Yalla bina!”, which is Arabic for “let’s go”.

Wow– just wow!

Rina has many wonderful talents, one of them being, having an eye for what will make a great photo. We followed her over to the ruin, which still had an intact framed entryway. As we entered the temple ruin, she took a photo of each of us with the Great Sphinx behind us– magnificent! She then read the hieroglyphic inscriptions which told us who the temple was dedicated to.

Rina, channeling her inner goddess!

Finally, our private time with the Sphinx was up and we boarded the coach for our next stop– an Egyptian essential oils shop. Informative, entertaining, and a delight to our senses! Everyone, no matter what they’d promised themselves, allowed themselves the gift of purchasing these exquisite oils that were made from formulas and ingredients that were thousands of years old. I still had oils from my previous trip to Egypt, so I knew I wouldn’t let the seduction of my olfactory senses convince me to get any additional oils. Well, so much for what I thought I knew– I left there with three new blends! It was beautiful to see that whatever awkwardness anyone might have felt before we entered the oils shop, was dissipated in the beautiful energy of the “olfactory delights temple”, aka the essential oils shop.

After a delicious lunch, we headed back to the hotel to relax and prepare for the next day’s adventures. What energies would we encounter? What new-old aspects of ourselves would we discover?

Stay tuned for Part 3 of The Egyptian Odyssey Through My Eyes…

Part 1: Experience the Egyptian Odyssey Through My Eyes

Rina & me sailing on the Nile

A few days ago, I returned from leading a phenomenal group of souls on a Grand Reunion Odyssey in Egypt. It was powerfully unique and I’ve never experienced anything like it. We were all at the same time here in the 21st century and fully realized in a time thousands of years ago.

I’ll begin with a bit of a back story. Though Egypt had once been on my list of hip things to do many years ago, I’d “gotten over it” and though I was still intrigued by the thought of Egypt, I no longer had the desire to travel there. Fast forward to one day in April of ’21 when I was told in a 12&1/2-hour period by two people who have no knowledge of each other that I’d be going and who I was to contact to make it happen.

Experience has taught me that when that type of instruction comes in, I need to listen and comply. Which I did. So, in December of ’21, I went to Egypt, completing an eleven + day journey back in time in only 5 days. On my arrival, I met my sister, Rina (who was disguised as my guide), and at my departure, I met my brother, Mahmoud (who posed as my airport departure escort).

In that 5-day period and between meeting those two people, I traveled all over Egypt, visited many familiar temples, met with holy men, had a life-changing audience with the goddess, Sekhmet, was anointed by her high priest, downloaded messages and the itinerary for what was to become the December ’22 Egyptian Odyssey from the goddesses and gods at their altars, knew soul recognition and unconditional love and acceptance, and experienced in real time what it’s like to live life without the restrictions of time, mortality, and physical limitations.

Once back in the States, I worked for a year with phenomenal travel agents on the physical structure and with Rina on the physical and spiritual content of the Egyptian Odyssey – The Grand Reunion.

I created the brochure, sent it out, and one-by-one, those who heeded the call, signed on. Finally, the day arrived and we all met in Cairo to partake of the adventure we’d waited so many lifetimes for. Though almost everyone was a stranger to each other, immediately after meeting, the soul recognitions began to take place and we recognized who we were to each other, past and present, and why we were with each other now. (One person hurt her back badly and couldn’t join us in person. We could feel her energy and knew we were to include her in our prayers at each of the temples we visited.)

I’d hurt my back, too, just enough to make life difficult while getting ready for the Odyssey, which made traveling more of an ordeal and I arrived in Cairo, tired, listless, and in pain, a day before the Odyssey was to begin. My brother, Mahmoud, who had seen me off a year before, met me at the airport and was very concerned as he escorted me through customs and immigration, and made sure I was settled at my hotel.

Arriving early gave me a chance to meet with Rina and go over the plans for the Odyssey. The next day, pain-free and feeling rested, I met Rina (and her husband, Sharif) in the hotel lobby and the “reality” of having spent a year apart vanished and all that was left was the power of the moment. We ran into each other’s arms and I’d never felt more unconditionally loved and loving. Feeling unconditionally loved and loving– this was to be a recurring theme and energy of the Odyssey.

They took me to lunch at Sharif’s favorite Cairo restaurant and there, I discovered that unconditional love and soul memories can be reawakened by food, too. If Egypt was trying to tell me it was happy to see me again, it was doing a very good job!

After lunch, Sharif dropped us off at the hotel and I held my right hand out and said, “I know we just met…” Without hesitation, he opened his arms and gave me a big hug! (Egypt is a conservative and Muslim country and hugging a woman or man you don’t know well just isn’t done.) With that, I knew he was happy I was in Rina’s life. Rina later told me that Sharif doesn’t hug her other friends unless he’s known them a long time.

Later that night, I was waiting in the lobby for my friend, Doreene, to arrive. Mahmoud was her airport escort and as soon as we saw each other, I told him, “I’m feeling so much better now, I just needed to get some rest.” He said, “I was so worried about you!”, as he threw his arms around me and gave me a big hug! I assured him I was back to my old self and thanked him for bringing Doreene to the hotel.

Doreene’s room wouldn’t be ready until later the next day so she was staying in my room her first night in Cairo. The hour was late and we were both tired and expected to sleep until the next morning. But that didn’t happen. It’d been years since she and I had spent time together and we wound up catching up on each other’s lives. As the sun came up, I showed her my view of the pyramids from my balcony and she was beyond suitably awed. (Seeing the pyramids in person is a sight that never gets old!)

After breakfast, her room was ready and she went on her own personal exploration of Cairo while Rina and I met again and ran a few important errands. Upon our return to the hotel, several more of the Odyssey-ites had just arrived and were waiting in the lobby to be checked into their rooms. Although we’d all met on Zoom, this was the first time many of us were meeting in person and noisy, joyous introductions abounded as we greeted each other.

After dinner that night, all eighteen of us met in one of the hotel’s conference rooms and Rina and I went over the itinerary and explained how the Odyssey would go. I had each person choose their Odyssey quotes, their journals, and a few other Egyptian Odyssey talismans. During the meeting, each person introduced themselves and told us why they’d come along on the Egyptian Odyssey.

Interestingly enough, three of the people on the Odyssey were named Jennifer! How does that happen!? One of the other Odyssey-ites, Damla, who is from Turkey told us that it’s a Turkish custom that whenever two people have the same name, you can stand between them and make a wish! Someone else pointed out that with three Jennifer’s, they too, could avail themselves of the benefits of that powerful wish-making custom.

We then did a brief round-table reading for everyone present using my treasured Clive Barrett’s Ancient Egyptian Tarot deck. It was amazing to see how all of the quotes and Tarot cards matched their stated reasons for being there.

At the end of the meeting, we said our good night’s, retired to our rooms, and prepared for the next day’s adventures of pyramids, Sphinxes, camel rides, past life recognitions, and more!

The 3 Jennifer’s & me at Seti, the 1st’s temple

Mercury Retrograde Manual

temperenceThe second Mercury retrograde of the year will begin on Saturday, June 7th and will end on Tuesday, July 1st. Like the previous one this past February and the one coming up in October, this Mercury retrograde begins when Mercury, the mental planet of logic and communication, is in an emotional (water) sign. As it makes its way backwards, it leaves the emotional water sign and reenters a mental (air) sign.

What does all of this mean for us? That this Mercury retrograde will be intensely focused on our consciously examining what unconscious and subconscious programs or behavior patterns are running our lives. In other words, we’ll get to sift and sort through the reasons we think what we think and do what we do. In doing so, we can use this planetary transit as an opportunity to become clear about what influences we want and don’t want affecting our lives. In so doing, we can take our personal power back from these old emotion based programs, thus affording us the chance to consciously choose to live our best lives.

And of course, the usual cautions do apply– try to avoid getting overly emotional or all worked up over little and big things. As with all Mercury Retrogrades, plans and communications screw-ups can take you on a wild and confusing ride. Since Mercury rules communication, transportation and contracts, when it’s retrograde, all manner of mistakes and misunderstandings can occur. If you can, hold off on buying (or leasing) any big ticket items. It’s also a good idea to triple check any and all plans you make. This is an excellent time for research, as those things that are usually hidden from view, show themselves more easily during a Mercury Retrograde period.  Wait until Mercury goes direct on July 1st before making any big decisions.

Blood Moon Rising

temperenceOn April 15th, we’ll all be experiencing the effects of a lunar phenomenon called a ‘Blood Moon.’ The name alone sounds ominous and that it’s also a Full Moon eclipse (and tax day in the U.S.!)– well, sounds like there’s a horror movie in this somewhere.

Actually, there isn’t. Sometimes a Blood Moon occurs during a lunar eclipse when the Moon passes behind the Earth’s shadow. The atmosphere around the edge of the Moon glows red because large amounts of atmosphere will scatter away blue/green light and let red light go straight through. During a lunar eclipse, the Moon passes fully into the shadow of the Earth and is no longer being illuminated by the Sun. When the red light passing through the Earth’s atmosphere does reach the Moon, it shines on it, and highlights the red glow, thus creating the illusion that the Moon has turned red.

In recent years, this lunar phenomenon has been touted as a biblical warning that dire events will befall Israel and/or other countries. That may or may not happen. The important thing to keep in mind is that it’s an eclipse, and eclipses are intense. So are Full Moons (not to mention the tension of filing income taxes!). And these planetary energy events are world-wide occurrences, so it’s possible that dire events may befall a lot of people and countries. Since energy is neutral though, it’s also possible that some really great things will happen for us, too.

Solar eclipses bring new beginnings into our lives. Lunar eclipses take old, outmoded energy away from us. Let’s use this powerful planetary occurrence to release whatever burdens we’ve been carrying and prepare to welcome the new that will come into our lives on the next solar New Moon on April 29th. Make a list of everything you want to leave your life and tear it into tiny pieces and throw it away on April 15th. Also, make a list of the new that you want to come into your life and read it every day, including and beyond, April 29th. You’ll be amazed at how wonderful life will become as you begin to reflect the fabulous newness that you’re now actively attracting.

A Special 1-Day Tarot Master Class

929Sunday April 6th 10-6pm
$98 prepay by March 30th or $108 thereafter

“How soon?”
“How long?”

These are the most often asked questions during a consultation.

Determining the timing of events during a consultation is a subtle art in itself– learn how to “just know” or “feel” the answers to your timing questions.

Very often, your first impressions of a Tarot card are the primary colors on it. These colors aren’t randomly chosen– their symbology is as important a part of the answer as the suit and number of the card. Learn the significance of primary colors and how to interpret them in the Tarot.

The numbers on the cards in a Tarot consultation reflect life experiences and stages of development. They direct your attention to previously hidden information that can significantly deepen the meaning of the answers you’re seeking.This Master Class will focus on:

Dynamic Tarot Spreads:
*  Timing Skills

*  Timing of Events During a Tarot Consultation

* The Significance of Primary Colors in the Tarot

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Learn More…

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Mercury Has Gone Direct!

temperenceShortly after nine o’clock this morning, Mercury, that capricious planet of communication, roadways, merchants and machinery, stopped its backward motion and began to position itself for forward movement. How do I feel about it? “Oh, thank God!” expresses my feelings adequately.

Though it was a relatively smooth retrograde period for me, (with the exception of the pick-up truck that ran a red light, ripped my car’s front bumper off and spun my car around like an old-fashioned spinning top), I was glad and relieved to see it end.

I put the down time to good use. I wrote, planned, researched and resolved some of the projects and issues that needed the kind of focus and commitment that only a retrograde Mercury can provide. And I have a deeper appreciation for my newly restored chariot. The rental car was nice, but when my auto lease is up, I’m going to get the 2014 model of the car I drive now.

How about you? How did you experience the three weeks of review time that Mercury retrograde provides?

Mercury Retrograde Fiddles

temperenceToday is the day. At about 4:44pm EST today, February 6th, most of us will be dancing to the off-key tune of Mercury Retrograde. I say most of us because most people were born when the planet, Mercury, was going direct. To those relatively few who were born while Mercury was retrograde, the tune is quite melodious. They can more easily understand and be understood by their world.

The retrograde begins in the early degrees of Pisces and then retreats into the sign of Aquarius, where it will stay until it goes direct again on February 28th. Pisces governs the unconscious and what is hidden from view. As Mercury moves backwards through the sign, it’ll be digging up old and often suppressed memories, habits and thought processes. Aquarius governs brilliant flashes of knowledge and Divine insight. When Mercury moves back into Aquarius, it will shed a bright and uncompromising light on all that was once previously hidden from your consciousness.

This is a good time to examine and get clear about how old, outmoded beliefs, neuroses and things that go ‘bump’ in the night of our unconscious are operating without our knowledge. Once discovered, in the light of the conscious mind, we can keep what we want and banish the rest.

And of course, the usual cautions do apply– try to avoid getting overly emotional or all worked up over little and big things. As with all Mercury Retrogrades, plans and communications screw-ups can take you on a wild and confusing ride. Since Mercury rules communication, transportation and contracts, when it’s retrograde, all manner of mistakes and misunderstandings can occur. If you can, hold off on buying (or leasing) any big ticket items. It’s also a good idea to triple check any and all plans you make. This is an excellent time for research, as those things that are usually hidden from view, show themselves more easily during a Mercury Retrograde period.  Wait until Mercury goes direct on the 28th before making any big decisions.

2014 — a ‘7’ Universal Year

temperenceNumerologically, the numbers, 2014, add up to the number ‘7.’ ‘7’ is the number of the Spiritual Path. It’s the most personal number because it’s the number of the seeker, the mystic, the person who must find and follow their own personal truth in order to achieve healthy balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

In ‘7’ years, your motivations and actions will be Divinely guided, requiring you to go within and become more introspective in order to make the connections and receive the information you need in order to move forward.

Whatever challenges or questions that arise will be directly linked to those areas within you that need to experience profound soul growth. Whatever gifts or help that arrive indicate where your spiritual account is in the black and you’re being paid dividends.

If your Life Path number is ‘7,’ this is an especially profound year for you. The entire year is a vision quest– a search for meaning, guidance, and renewal– as you seek your own unique personal path and life expression. It’s an excellent year to align yourself with a spiritual teacher or guide so that you’ll have someone to help you decipher the ‘signs’ that you encounter on your journey to yourself.

Consider me that teacher/guide and feel free to contact me for consultations, clarification and guidance.

I’m interviewed in FORBES magazine…

Fifty Shades of Effort

2013-10-28-Sheilaacaption-thumbWriters and entrepreneurs Tom Lowery and Cheryl Conner have written an informative and powerful article in FORBES magazine about what it takes to be a writer in today’s ever evolving publishing climate. Through interviewing several writers—I’m one of them—they reveal the inner workings of a writer’s driving force.

Writing is 5% talent and 95% hard work, and as award winning writer and publisher, Winslow Eliot, reminds us, it’s also highly competitive. Tom interviewed a number of writers for Huffington Post and discovered that “most writers – even those who write full time for a living – face a plethora of demons that cause them considerable grief.”

So why do we continue to write? Read the article and learn what fires our literary passion–

Mercury Has Gone Direct!

temperenceWhew! We made it—Mercury, the planet of communication, has ceased its retrograde motion and gone direct!

It was a difficult three weeks because not only was Mercury retrograde, necessitating that all thought processes be introspective—it was also retrograde in the deeply contemplative sign of Scorpio. What a great (and mandatory) opportunity for a profoundly reflective review of your goals, your relationships and your values.

I hope you made good use of the opportunity because now that its turned direct, Mercury—still in Scorpio—will demand that you honor your transformational retrograde experience and live your life from a position of strength, courage and commitment to what is of true value to yourself and your life path. The key phrase for living in the aftermath of this past retrograde is “Know Thyself and Go For It!