Sheilaa Hite, C.Ht., C.L.C., Tarot Master, I am a Tarot Master and Instructor whose ability to expertly interpret and use the power of the Tarot, is legendary. My course — ‘The Tarot: A Counseling Tool for Psychologists‘© makes excellent use of my skills as a teacher-diagnostician and garners high praise from the professionals who consult with me.

One of only a handful of people in the world permitted by the British government to enter and conduct ceremonies in the sacred ‘inner circle of stones ’ in Stonehenge, I am also the first metaphysician authorized by the city of Malibu, California to teach in their facilities. As a Master of the Sacred Ancient Arts, I naturally understand the true function of energy and know how to powerfully work with it to help you understand and influence the outcome of almost any matter. I am an Intuitive rather than a ”psychic”, because the power of my abilities stems from my highly developed intuition, which is directly connected to the source of all knowledge– The Creator. Through my powerful connection and outstanding abilities and techniques, I am able to help you create Magic and Miracles.

I am an ordained minister and my expertise at House Blessings is unparalleled– bringing good fortune to all who work and reside in the spaces I bless. Due to my strong ability to interact with departed souls, I have attained mastery at House Clearings (Ghost Busting) and protecting people from as well as ridding them of the negative effects of such disturbing energies. An internationally acclaimed author, my books are available here or on (click on the Store page for more information on how to order my books, meditation CD’s and other items). I am featured in Paulette Cooper’s book, “The 100 Top Psychics in America” and am a favorite guest and consultant on radio and network TV, including NBC’s groundbreaking ‘The Other Side,’ ‘Leeza,’ ‘E! Television’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight.’

I also write a popular monthly forecast column, Tarotscope — Ancient Archetypes for New World Guidance©.

In addition to writing, speaking, teaching and consulting, I continue to work with my private clientele, lead tours to the most magnificent spiritual places on our planet, study and enjoy life.


“My work is Transformational, Empowering, Healing. My commitment is to assist and guide you to your birth right of joy, abundance and remembrance of who you are.”