Mystical Catalonia Odyssey Quest is Sold Out!

A personalized, guided spiritual journey — a unique alchemy of tour, retreat, vision quest, and spiritual adventure.


“ This is where it all began.
is is where I realized how far I could go.”
Pablo Picasso, referring to Barcelona

Guided by Sheilaa Hite

Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, is a city of possibility, of creativity, of renewal.

Just as the doors of possibility opened for Picasso in this beautiful and grand city, there is a promise awaiting your arrival. Here, in the northeastern corner of Spain, lies one of the most powerful spiritual portals in Europe.

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Catalonia and her people encourage, nurture, and create beauty, whether physical, spiritual, or transcendent. Picasso, Gaudi?, Dali?, Tapies, and Miro? are a few of the culture’s many courageous creative beings who’ve reshaped our vision of the world.

Her people masterfully do what we are all meant to do in life—write our own life’s adventure from the in nite and perspective of our soul’s vision, rather than from the illusory perspective of limitation.

Guided by Daniel Piatek

The Odyssey Quest will merge very powerful energies to answer the question that has brought you to this point—“Who am I and what was I made for?”

What energies? The legendary El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage; the sacred, empowering, other-worldly majesty of the mountain top monastery of Montserrat; the passion and brilliance of Barcelona; and most importantly, your soul’s yearning to bring your myth to life.

Is your heart calling out for more? Do you feel you have a mission, a destiny, a calling? Are you looking for adventure?

. . . NOW is the time to step forward, discover the depths of who you are, and bless the world with the gifts you came to bring.

Download the Mystical Catalonia Odyssey Quest Brochure


All you need to do is say, “YES! I’m ready!”

Join us on the Mystical Catalonia Odyssey Quest as we guide you to discover and actualize your own deepest desires, and begin living the life you were meant to live.

As part of our soul’s story, my Odyssey Quest co-creator and I were instructed by the renowned Black Madonna of Montserrat, the Patroness of Catalonia, to create this profoundly life-changing experience …

… and offer you the opportunity to not only experience your soul’s vision, but to express it by rewriting your story from that new perspective.

Join us as we answer the call. Come embark upon this sacred match-making mission, aligning and empowering our souls with Divine Energy’s intention for each of us individually.

Our Odyssey Quest is structured to ensure you will be deeply ful lled through reconnecting with your power and purpose as it reveals itself through the sacred adventure we take together.

Each day’s experiences will provide opportunities for soul-evolving shifts through meditations, nature walks, interactions in mystic places, ceremonies, creating personal talismans and daily numerological, astrological and Tarot readings as we reconnect ourselves to the sacredness of life with grace, glee, solemnity, and wonder.

“Everything you need to know, you have learned through yourjourney.”
The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

Our Odyssey Quest is the PERFECT opportunity to discover your Authentic Self and connect with the purpose of your life.

Each destination and event has been carefully chosen and designed to give you extraordinary, once-in-a- lifetime experiences.

As you discover and learn how to move, step by step, into the life that was created for you, your insights and experiences will inform and bless every day of the rest of your life.

We’ll be exploring the most amazing sites, eating delicious food, and taking care of ourselves on so many wondrous levels, as we rediscover having fun and creating magic!

Photo by Daniel Piatek

Catalonia is a land where freely expressing who you truly are pulsates in her people’s blood and permeates her lands.

Our Odyssey Quest goes beyond the usual tourist track. With grace and elegance guiding our souls we’ll travel in chauffeur-driven coaches, participate in soul-evolving ceremonies and workshops, discover deeper parts of ourselves, and have plenty of free time to relax, shop and just simply be.

All has been woven together to provide the setting, the backdrop, and the vehicle for a profound and joyous journey of self-discovery and self-actualization.

Download the Mystical Catalonia Odyssey Quest Brochure for more information.