2014 — a ‘7’ Universal Year

temperenceNumerologically, the numbers, 2014, add up to the number ‘7.’ ‘7’ is the number of the Spiritual Path. It’s the most personal number because it’s the number of the seeker, the mystic, the person who must find and follow their own personal truth in order to achieve healthy balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

In ‘7’ years, your motivations and actions will be Divinely guided, requiring you to go within and become more introspective in order to make the connections and receive the information you need in order to move forward.

Whatever challenges or questions that arise will be directly linked to those areas within you that need to experience profound soul growth. Whatever gifts or help that arrive indicate where your spiritual account is in the black and you’re being paid dividends.

If your Life Path number is ‘7,’ this is an especially profound year for you. The entire year is a vision quest– a search for meaning, guidance, and renewal– as you seek your own unique personal path and life expression. It’s an excellent year to align yourself with a spiritual teacher or guide so that you’ll have someone to help you decipher the ‘signs’ that you encounter on your journey to yourself.

Consider me that teacher/guide and feel free to contact me for consultations, clarification and guidance.

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