April 2023 Tarotscope

It’s spring in the Northern hemisphere– at last!  Let’s show the weather how it’s done by breaking out all of those ideas, plans and projects you’ve been promising yourself you’d begin once the conditions were right. Mercury, the planet of communication, will go retrograde on April 21st so, expect the unexpected. Remember to be insightful– it’s where the answers are. Mercury retrogrades are great for introspection and personal “re” work– reflection, retreat, review, reinvention. Since Mercury rules communication, transportation and contracts, when it’s retrograde, all manner of mistakes and misunderstandings can occur. If you can, please hold off on buying (or leasing) any big-ticket items and wait until Mercury goes direct on May 14th before making any big decisions. Please practice patience with compassion, remember to focus on the big picture, and go easy on yourself and others. There will be delays, so factor in extra time in your schedule, and above all, please don’t take the vicissitudes of life personally.

“Though the seas threaten, they are merciful. I have cursed them without cause.” William Shakespeare


“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” Caroline Flack

THE EMPEROR (March 21 – April 20) It’s time for you to reflect on your motives and actions and reevaluate the situation you’re in now. It’s time to consciously process your recent experiences in order to put them in proper perspective. The information you get will serve as a springboard for you as you embark upon an inner adventure that promises to reveal the essence of your power to you.

THE EMPRESS (April 21 – May 20) Things are changing fast and you must be on the alert.  Many of the agreements you make with others at this time may not work out as planned, which you’ll come to realize, is a good thing. Carefully think through your game plan and have contingency plans ready.  Unexpected help will assist you in becoming a winner.

 THE LOVERS (May 21 – June 20) Your ruling planet, Mercury, will go retrograde on April 21st and you’ll have several new opportunities to choose from in the next few months. Although they could appear to “shake up” your life, don’t choose in haste or try to take the easy way out. You deserve the best, so make your decisions based on what will be good for you in the long term.

THE CHARIOT (June 21 – July 20) The decisions that you make at this time about your life and your goals must be based on your being completely honest with yourself. The actions you take based on this very important self-assessment will be empowered by the degree of courageous honesty you embrace. Be willing to be true to yourself and you will reap wonderful rewards.

THE SUN (July 21 – August 22) A new, improved social life is at hand. So, go out to new places and meet a whole new group of like-minded people. And remember, your only obligation is to have fun! Recharging your batteries this way prepares you for the next phase of your journey.

THE HERMIT (August 23 – September 22) Mercury is your ruling planet, too, and your instructions are similar to THE LOVERS with this additional message– Mercury rules the body’s nervous system, so it’s very important that you get rid of any accumulated tension by making sure you relax and schedule a bit more down time.

JUSTICE (September 23 – October 22) It’s nearly time for you to put your plans into action. Right now though, it’s time for some fine-tuning. You must make some very important choices that will affect the outcome of this and future plans. Trust your intuition and you’ll discover a key piece of information that will make all the difference. Stay focused and stay in gratitude.

THE MAGICIAN (October 23 – November 21) It’s nearly time for you to put your plans into action.  Right now though, it’s time for some fine-tuning.  You must make some very important choices that will affect the outcome of this and future plans.  A key piece of information will come from an unexpected source.

THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE (November 22 – December 21) We are indeed, living in interesting times. Whether you consider this to be a blessing or a curse depends on your perspective. Choose to see these times and events as a blessing and you’ll reap the rewards of powerful assistance, wondrous luck, and unexpected opportunities.

THE WORLD (December 22 – January 19) Acknowledge yourself for being the fiercely committed warrior that you’ve become. Although it’s been a long time coming– you and your hard work are about to be rewarded with the prize you’ve worked for. Remember to express your gratitude to yourself and to all of those who’ve helped you along the way.        

THE STAR (January 20 – February 19) There are profound changes coming your way and how you handle yourself will make all the difference. Focus on staying centered and let your intuition guide you. Transformation can be scary, but the rewards will be great. Plus, you’ll have learned to master two of your most important tools– strength and determination.

THE MOON (February 20 – March 20) A change of perspective will help you see that the help and circumstances you’ve been looking for have been there all along. Once you’ve seen them, if you focus on what’s needed, committing to the action required, and taking that action, you’ll achieve your desired goals. And please remember, practicing patience will help enlighten and ground you.

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