Join Us in 2018 on a Profoundly Life-Changing Journey!

sheilaa-juneSpring is finally here! I hope the energy of renewal and transformation is making its way into your life (and good weather too)! In that light, I’d like to share some exciting news with you.

My colleague and dear friend, Daniel Piatek, and I are completing the plans for a transformative Odyssey/Quest through mystical Catalonia (northeastern Spain). Our Odyssey/Quest is designed for you to experience your life from higher, deeper, more authentic and joyous parts of yourself.

While the itinerary and brochures are being finalized, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what’s coming…!

Our Catalan Odyssey/Quest was channeled to us just a few months ago. While Daniel and I were absorbed and elevated in the powerful energies of the Montserrat Monastery, we were instructed by the renowned Black Madonna, the Patroness of Catalonia, to invite you to accompany us on this profoundly life-changing journey.

Montserrat is an other-worldly mountaintop monastery. From reports of being the home of the Holy Grail, to ongoing reported UFO sightings, Montserrat is a magical and enchanting portal through which to connect with Spirit, which is why it is the heart of our Odyssey/Quest.

Beginning and ending in Barcelona, our journey takes us through remarkably diverse Catalonian landscapes to activate awe-inspiring experiences. We will connect with our deepest energies and our soul’s legacies as pilgrims have on the legendary Camino de Santiago over countless centuries. And we will be doing it in 21st century style in our modern air-conditioned coach, experiencing the joy-filled Catalan life.

You can read more about how this Odyssey/Quest came about in my newsletter here:

Our Odyssey/Quest will be joyous and transformative. Pencil these dates into your calendar now: September 29 — October 7, 2018

Stay tuned. All the exciting details coming soon!

Lots of Joy,

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