March 2016 Tarotscope

thesunMarch has come in like a lion; let’s hope it remembers to leave like a lamb. During this end of Winter, beginning of Spring month, please remember to say a prayer of gratitude for the gifts bestowed on us in the past and the gifts that the future will bring. We’re living in ‘wild and wooly’ times and as Michael Conrad used to say, “Be careful out there.

THE EMPEROR (March 21 – April 20) “Man plans and God laughs.” But still you must plan because God also listens– to our hopes, wishes and prayers. Keep taking risks– life only has meaning because and when we do. You’re very much guided by Divine energy. Do make the most of it.

THE EMPRESS (April 21 – May 20)Take your time.” “Stop and smell the roses.” “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Sound familiar? It’s time to slow down and let the meaning of your journey catch up with you. You’ve changed a lot in the last couple of years and you’ll benefit from taking stock of the new you. Until you do, you won’t fully discover the importance and meaning of what you’ve experienced, what you’ve learned from it and where it’s leading you.

THE LOVERS (May 21 – June 20) Deliberate action is called for now. Don’t waste time by scattering your energy all over the place. The old dramas (and comedies) of the past are no longer entertaining to you or anyone else. The Universe has a plan of success and happiness for you– please show up and accept it.

THE CHARIOT (June 21 – July 20) You need different ‘fuel’ for your chariot. The old ‘fuel’ of limiting belief systems can’t move you forward. Be bold. Get out and meet new people. Entertain new ways of thinking. Push through your old self-imposed boundaries and discover the new, enhanced life that’s waiting for you.

THE SUN (July 21 – August 22) Now, more than ever, you must show up in the world as your authentic self. Anything less won’t ring true and will lead to unnecessary strife and drama. To quote comedian Grant Turner, “Remember, be who you is ‘cause if you be who you ain’t, then you ain’t who you is.

THE HERMIT (August 23 – September 22) Heads– you do what you’ve always done or tails–  you step out of character and go for something completely different. The decisions you make now will lay the groundwork for the next phase of your life. Whichever direction you choose, the changes you encounter are important to your growth. As you decide, keep in mind, “Do it now; the time will never be just right.

JUSTICE (September 23 – October 22) Listen to your soul– it’s telling you to look into your heart and re-discover that life-affirming part of yourself that dared to dream. Now is the time to actively work on living your dream. Take the courageous steps that will lead you to your new and satisfying life.

THE MAGICIAN (October 23 – November 21) Finally! The brakes are off and you can go at full speed again. As frustrating as the obstacles and delays were, they were good teachers. You’ve worked hard and now you can begin to claim your power and your prize. Treat yourself well and practice appreciating the person who got you here– you.

THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE (November 22 – December 21) The planet of “slow and steady wins the race”– Saturn– is in your sign. That’s not naturally easy for you to handle, but right now, it’s important that you slow down and carefully examine the motivations that have fueled your journey so far. As you do so, you’ll have a ‘real time’ experience of what it takes to create the magic and ease that carries you through life.

THE WORLD (December 22 – January 19) Now is the time for patience, planning and focused action. You’re building a new phase of your life and faith is the light that guides you as you encounter yourself in completely new ways. Your mantra is, “I am no longer what I was… I am not yet what I will be… I am in the in-between.

THE STAR (January 20 – February 19) Ignore the pressure on you to perform. Be willing to flow with the energy as it presents itself. Listen to your inner voice and own that you have the best guidance available– Divine Insight– as you navigate the twists and turns that are currently a part of your life. Since everything is going to turn out just fine, sit back and enjoy the scenery.

THE MOON (February 20 – March 20) I do hope you’re exploring your options and finding out what possibilities are available to you now. Nothing is written in stone, so allow yourself to choose from Column A– tried and true and Column B– wild and enchanting. That balance will give you the most return for your cosmic buck.

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