November 2021 – Week 1

this will be an interesting week and it has the potential to be chaotic and intense. however, you don’t have to let tension & chaos lead you.
on tuesday, mercury (communication, plans, writing, processing information) will square pluto (transformation, control, deep healing.) when mercury is in an abrasive aspect to pluto, words can get out of hand,. so keep in mind that your words have consequences & pluto wants to satisfy its impulses and mercury has something to say. but sometimes those two don’t really work together well in the big picture. so feel free to know the truth, not necessarily a great time to speak that truth to the person you’ve come to know the truth about. in other words: diplomacy, diplomacy, diplomacy. right now, simply know what you know.

next, on thursday, the sun (life force, ego, the heart) is opposite uranus (unexpected, uncontrollable, anything can happen.) this means that up us down, black is white, left is right, and anything can happen. what you need to do is stay focused, balanced & grounded. if you don’t allow yourself to the pushed around by the elements & energies of the day, allow that a lot will be said, thought & done. and also that you don’t have to be the one to say these things, uranus is insight & brilliance which can help the situation, but with this opposition, its a good idea to keep your own counsel. note what is being said and stand back to see how things work themselves out. your two cents may not help this situation.

you have an opportunity for great insight, because being put in an unusual perspective, you can see things differently. combine that with divine insight & enlightenment, there is an opportunity to completely change your life. observe & be aware of what’s happening rather than being pulled along by the forces. know what you know, and let that be enough. only you need to know.

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