What’s an Eclipse and Why is it Important?

temperenceAn eclipse is an event that occurs when one planet is temporarily obscured from our view by the passing of another planet over it.

The two types of eclipses that affect us most here on Earth are Solar eclipses and Lunar eclipses.  A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes in front of the Sun and either partially or fully obscures (hides) it from our view.  A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun passes in front of the Moon and partially or fully hides it from our view.    We just experienced a solar eclipse on the new Moon on May 9th.

In addition to being a phenomenally mystical sight, whenever an eclipse occurs it’s also a powerful harbinger of the type of energy and changes we’ll be dealing with in the near future.  Eclipses are intensely dynamic and don’t ask us if we’d like to participate in the new changes; they enlist us in an involuntary draft.  Energetically, we are compelled to be a part of their program of Universal transformation.

Eclipses can overwhelm us with conscious and subconscious information that may be difficult to process quickly.  They affect us on emotional levels, so we have to be careful not to let our emotions get the best of us and lead us into acting out in a detrimental or negative way.  If you find yourself wanting to yell at someone or throw something—don’t!  Just walk away.  That way, you’ll have a lot less to regret later on.

Solar eclipses announce that new energies, things, people, opportunities are coming and must be acknowledged and dealt with consciously.  New Moon energy offers the same kind of opportunity for conscious creation.  Since the last eclipse and new Moon both occurred on May 9th, we are the energetic equivalent of a prize winning garden being fed growth hormones.

The old saying, “What the new Moon promises, the full Moon brings,” was never more apropos because of this dynamic pairing.  This is a great time to be honest with yourself, to move daringly in the direction your soul is calling you, to step up to the plate.  Fortune will favor you if you do.  To quote the great philosopher, Goethe, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can—begin it now. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

Lunar eclipses announce that the old, outmoded, no longer useful or beneficial must, will and is falling away.  A lunar eclipse works on our subconscious levels, bringing up old or forgotten (or denied!) beliefs, memories and feelings.  Often, relationships, especially familial ones, come up for review.  A lunar eclipse calls for you to be aware of how you operate emotionally.  It’s a time to be honest with yourself and let go of what, and sometimes who, no longer belongs in your personal orbit.

This type of emotional housekeeping can be gnarly, so a lunar eclipse is also a time to nurture yourself and remember that this is a time to sort through your ‘stuff,’ rather than judge yourself for having ‘stuff’ you need to sort through.

The most intense effects of an eclipse are felt 3-5 days before and after it.  To find the dates of upcoming eclipses, go to www.Google.com.