When Your Back-Up Plan Backs Out

temperenceWe’ve all been there.  You have the passionately envisioned, perfectly planned event or project before you.  You’ve covered every aspect of actualizing it.  And because you’ve learned from your previous experiences, you even have a contingency or back-up plan just in case something doesn’t work out.

Secure in the knowledge that you’ve covered all of your bases, you don’t panic if Plan A runs into road blocks.  Sure, you’re disappointed but you know you can rely on the fact that you’ve got something just as strong up your sleeve—Plan B, your contingency or ‘safety school’ plan. 

Sometimes, though, the unthinkable happens and you’re confronted with what you must do if your back-up plan falls through, too.

This is where the three ‘I’s’ come into play: Intuition, Inspiration, Intellect.  First, give yourself a moment (only a moment!) to feel the emotion that’s come up because of this giant boulder on your path.  Next, remember what the essence of the project or event is supposed to convey to your target audience.  Another way of putting essence is—what you want your intended audience to take away with them at the end of the experience.

Then, spend a few minutes letting your intuition ‘play’ with that stated essence.  All kinds of fantastic and fantasy ideas will come to mind.  As they do, allow them to lead you to ideas that you wouldn’t necessarily have considered before, but now are ideas that will inspire you to take the next step—a giant leap of faith as you commit to one of the incredible new insights that have sprung up from your very fertile sub-conscious.

Here is where your intellect comes in.  Even though you’re doing all of this on the fly, you still need to be conscious of how you’re going to implement your new plan so that everything falls into place and the miracle you need to happen happens.  Often, in these circumstances, you come up with something even better than your original idea.  Keep the planning simple, focusing on what’s most important in order to present your ideas in the best light.  

And then—leap into that vast unknown and take the actions required to pull off the miracle you want and need to happen.  Amazingly enough, at least 90% of the time, the Universe will be there to assist you as you do.