Annual Releasing the Past & New Moon Wish Fulfillment Ceremony

Saturday, February 1, 2014
7:00 – 9:30pm
Happy Chinese New Year – the Year of the Horse!

Wild HorsesThis New Moon begins the Year of the Horse in Chinese Astrology.  It’s a dynamic year with great opportunities for making money, meeting influential people and enjoying life enhancing travel.    2014 is also the year of following your own unique path.  This year, treasures and opportunities of all kinds will present themselves to you.  The Horse symbolizes freedom, passion, mobility and speed, so what you set your intentions on will very likely come to pass.

To create space for your gifts, you’ll need to consciously make room for them.  By“sifting, sorting and clearing” away the heaviness of the past as you energetically release every person, thing or situation that no longer belongs in your life, you’ll create a receptive space that’ll attract and help manifest your new riches.

The combined force of the releasing ceremony and the New Moon energy, along with a specially designed meditation, will intensely propel you toward the successful attainment of your heart’s desires.

The ceremony will include drumming and each participant will receive information on how to use the energy of the New Moon to their advantage according to their sign and birthchart. Red is an important color, especially during the Year of the Horse, and if you’re so inclined, wear or carry something red to the ceremony.

You Will Need:

1- Write TWO lists: The first list— write down everything you want to leave your life.  People, blocks, weight, problems, fears, doubts, old memories, relationships, etc.  The second list– write three wishes, hopes or dreams you want to manifest this year. Begin writing these lists now— the more time you give yourself, the more things that you need to release and wish for will come up for you.  Please bring both lists with you!

2- Find a small natural object that you feel represents the list and everything on it.  The object can be a twig, pebble, leaf or whatever you connect with that represents all that you are releasing.  Please bring this object with you!

3- A gift for the Earth. Native Americans use tobacco or corn meal as the gift.  If you want to gift the earth with corn meal, I’ll have plenty and will share it with you.

4- A small gift for someone else at the ceremony. This gift should be small and generic.  It should also have a sense of value or meaning to you, i.e., it’s pretty, I like it, it feels good, etc.  A small crystal or mineral about ½ inch to 1 inch, a small spiritual statue, a foreign coin (not an American coin– there isn’t much mystique in a quarter!), even a piece of old jewelry are good examples of the type of gift to bring.  Please bring this small gift with you!

Registration: $26 prepay by January 25,  $31 thereafter

At the Crystal Wellness Center – Upstairs at Crystal Essence
39 Railroad Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230
To register please call 413-528-2595

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