Getting Rid of Negative Energy

temperenceSometimes, no matter what you do, you’re going to have to deal with people or situations that are negative. 

When that happens, you have to make a choice between giving your power away to that energetic slime pool of negativity (i.e., arguing or fighting with the instigators) or taking the high road and staying centered and grounded as you exit the situation as quickly as you can.

Whichever choice you make, you’ll need to ‘clear the air’ in your personal energetic field.  (It’s a lot less clearing work and toll on your system if you choose the high road.)  Your personal energetic field could be your home, office, desk or workspace. 

There are different levels of intensity and needs in cleansing rites.  Hopefully, most of the time you, your space and your situation will only need a simple cleansing technique.  Here’s a simple method that I use and recommend–

You Will Need:

A bundle of Dried Sage, sometimes called a Sage Stick

Sandalwood incense sticks or cones

A small lighter or safety matches

A fan (a piece of cardboard will do)

A plate to hold under the burning sage

Roses (fresh cut, cloth or picture)

Your favorite prayer of protection    

Optional supplies: Sandalwood fans or small statues

‘Smudge’ (burn dried sage and slowly fan the smoke around) your room or space.  Be sure to fan the smoke around faucets, pipes and water containers.  If you’d like, you can also recite your favorite prayer of protection while you’re smudging your space.  (I recite the 23rd Psalm or The Lord’s Prayer.)

Afterwards, light a stick of sandalwood incense in the room and let it burn until it goes out on its own.  For added healing and protection, I bring in fresh roses (cloth roses and pictures of roses work well, too) and put them in the room or space.

When you finish this cleansing rite, you and your entire space will feel so much lighter and clearer!

What do you do if it’s impractical for you to burn sage and/or incense in your space? 

Although burning sage and/or incense are the most direct and powerful methods of clearing negativity, you can also lessen the impact of negative energy by placing sandalwood objects in your space.  (Sandalwood objects will extend the clearing energy if you smudge and burn incense, too.)  Import stores often carry sandalwood fans or small statues that you can place around your home or on your desk.

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