November 2021 – Week 2

This week starts off really intense. Monday and Tuesday are getting us ready for Wednesday, when Mercury conjoins Mars.

So how we think and communicate is directly connected to the actions we take. Accept heightened issues; its up to you how they end up. In addition to this, Mercury & Mars are square Saturn. Which means its making a sharp, abrasive & frictional aspect. It is not initially cooperation which means we have to find ways to ease the energies. So this is a really important time in the year where we’re adding things up and seeing what did or didn’t work and looking forward to what can be. We are doing this so we can be honest to ourselves & hold ourselves accountable. Hold the responsibility of being truthful. Saturn rules responsibility, society, maturity & wisdom. Deal with what the universe wants: be responsible, wise & mature. It is asking for structure and for us to be responsible to that structure.

Mercury conjunct Mars sharpens your tongue so be careful what you say. Instead of saying what you want to say, you’re better off listening. Egos are involved. Let’s listen instead. Most of us listen, but very few of us hear what is really going on. The listening isn’t just the physical, it is also the intuitive. So listen intuitively & physically. What you hear can give you that much needed information that will help you to expand your view of life and help to clear up what is causing friction.

Mercury & Saturn: Communication is making an abrasive aspect to wisdom & maturity. Mercury brings you eye to eye with a necessary reality check. This is a great time to set boundaries without stomping your foot or raising your voice. Know what you have to say and what your position is; then listen and find out what others’ are as well. Saturn tells you you have the right to take care of what needs to be taken care of with full authority & power, without taking power from anyone else. So if you feel frustrated or impatient, this is normal. Remember to breathe.

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