November 2021 – Week 3

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse— fasten your seatbelts!

It’s the week of the Full Moon and of the Lunar Eclipse, as well as some squares and trines…. So plenty of activity.

This is a very intense week: please tread carefully. Use self-care, rest, and compassion. Scorpio Full Moons and Eclipses give us change. This one gives us the opportunity to let go of what we no longer need in our lives. It may not be voluntarily, but try and get ahead of the game. Know if there are attitudes or relationships that need to be gone over with an eye toward getting rid of what doesn’t serve you. There’s a lot of opportunity for transformation as well. Everyone is sensitive so be mindful. Bring that compassion, take care of yourself and to listen to others so that you will hear them. Whatever they have to say mirrors what is going on within yourself. We are all in this together.

On Wednesday, Mars is Opposite Uranus. Both of these planets are volatile, and are both pulling on each other for power. Don’t get caught up in the power plays. Just observe their existence and move through it. Zen your way through. ‘Hmmm’ and move on. Self-care. Compassion. Balance. This too shall pass.

On Thursday, Mercury is trine Neptune. They are harmoniously involved, what is your sell telling you? What do you intuit you need to do now? It is not a week to drive a sports car at 90 mph… park it and walk. Take it easy, take it slowly, just move comfortably and rhythmically.

On Friday, we have the Full Moon in Taurus and the Lunar Eclipse. Not to mention, Uranus is also involved. Volatility doesn’t mean disaster; you can use this energy to create what you want. Look at what you want vs what you don’t. No more chaos and combativeness, manifest cooperation and smooth going with your loved ones. Shed what is no longer yours with this eclipse. Make a list of the energies or attitudes or people you no longer want in your life. Then offer it to the Sun or Moon.

Be less in control, and more in your power. And know the difference between the two.

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