Past Life Regression—What Is It & How Does It Work?

temperenceWhen people learn that I’m a Past Life Regression therapist, they often ask, “what is Past Life Regression and what are the benefits of experiencing it?”  

Past Life Regression is a process that enables you to go back through your current life and your past lives to particular points in time in order to retrieve memories and re-live impactful experiences. 

There are several advantages to experiencing a PLR session.  Here are a few: 

1- To remove blocks and dispel fears.

2- To better understand yourself and your motivations.

3- To access information and expertise from your past.

4- To heal issues in all areas—personal, professional and spiritual.

5- To know why certain people (and circumstances) are in your life.

6- Curiosity (‘who was I before this lifetime—Cleopatra, Picasso or…?’).

Of course, in order to have a successful session, you’ll need a facilitator who’s a skilled practitioner at guiding you through the ‘time travel’ experience.  With the right ‘guide,’ you can calmly, safely go through previously unknown or emotionally frightening territory.  Once there, you can re-create an old energetic pattern so that it serves you instead of hindering or limiting you.

Several years ago, I worked with a client who was a wonderful artist.  He refused to have an agent, though, and he was never able to make a good living from his work.  Although people liked his work, no matter what he did to promote it, his art didn’t win prizes or sell well.  He felt that he was blocked and wanted me to help him remove that block.

I regressed him to the lifetime that was most instrumental in creating the block and we were both surprised at what he had experienced in that lifetime.  He’d been a member of a wealthy, influential 13th century Italian family who had fallen ill with a painfully debilitating digestive tract ailment.  Before the illness, he’d led a privileged, charmed life with the expectation that life would always treat him well. 

No expense was spared in getting the best doctors for him, but no matter what they did or prescribed, his condition and the pain only got worse until it became obvious to all that he was going to die from his ailment.  Feeling that God had abandoned him, he decided that he, himself, must be the cause of his suffering because he was unworthy in some way of the wealth, health and good life he’d been born into.  (He identified the people around his deathbed and I was surprised to hear that I was one of the people in attendance!)  As he took his final painful breaths, he decided that because he was so unworthy, he would never again ask for, expect or accept help or acknowledgement from anyone again.

I guided him through two other lifetimes that ended equally as painful and unhappy as the first one.  In both of those lives, he decided the cause of his pain and unhappiness was his unworthiness and he again swore that he would never ask for, expect or accept help or acknowledgement from anyone.

We discussed his experience when I brought him out of the regressed state.  As we talked, he understood why his current life had been so difficult, why he’d never gotten the acceptance and acknowledgement he wanted and needed.  And finally he got that the limiting subconscious contract he’d made with himself because of the pain of those past lives could be nullified in his current life by consciously accepting and acknowledging his own self-worth, as well as asking others to do the same. 

A few weeks later, he invited me to an art show he was participating in.  When I got there, he was beaming!  He looked younger and energetically lighter as he proudly showed me his prize—a purple first place ribbon he’d just been presented with for one of his paintings.  I was so happy for him.  I was happier still when he introduced me to his new agent.  Since that time, his commissions have increased, his work is selling well and he’s very happy with himself and his amazing life.

Conscious knowledge is power.  What subconscious contracts have you made that are holding you and your potential success and happiness hostage?  If you’d like to explore and discover more about yourself through Past Life Regression, just click on the Contact button on the navigation bar and e-mail me.  I can work with you in person, by phone or by SKYPE.