February 2014 – Happy Hearts Day – Happy February!

48February brings a lot to the table-Chinese New Year, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s day and, of course, President’s Day. It also seems to be the month with the most dramatic and traumatic weather of the winter season. For us in most of the Northern hemisphere-baby it’s cold outside!

The three Tarot cards that represent the energy of this month are The Fool-the harbinger of unexpected, unique and exciting opportunities, The Tower-the dismantler of old, unnecessary structures, habits and beliefs and The Star-the light in the darkness that is often referred to as hope.

The gift of this month, as shown by its Tarot card representatives, is spontaneous creativity. You’re receiving information, inspiration and encouraging, positive impulses to try new things, be more adventurous and take more initiative in allowing yourself to favorably interact with the people, places and events that are presenting themselves to you at this time.

If it seems like a good idea at the time and isn’t harmful, destructive or negative-go for it! You can only win because, no matter what the outcome, you’ll learn and grow in the process.

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Lots of Joy,
The Center For Practical Spirituality

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