Mercury Has Gone Direct!

temperenceShortly after nine o’clock this morning, Mercury, that capricious planet of communication, roadways, merchants and machinery, stopped its backward motion and began to position itself for forward movement. How do I feel about it? “Oh, thank God!” expresses my feelings adequately.

Though it was a relatively smooth retrograde period for me, (with the exception of the pick-up truck that ran a red light, ripped my car’s front bumper off and spun my car around like an old-fashioned spinning top), I was glad and relieved to see it end.

I put the down time to good use. I wrote, planned, researched and resolved some of the projects and issues that needed the kind of focus and commitment that only a retrograde Mercury can provide. And I have a deeper appreciation for my newly restored chariot. The rental car was nice, but when my auto lease is up, I’m going to get the 2014 model of the car I drive now.

How about you? How did you experience the three weeks of review time that Mercury retrograde provides?

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