November 2021 – Week 4

To begin with, we’re in Sagittarius season now! This happened on Sunday. It’s a time of expansion, adventure, light-heartedness, philosophy & dogma. Be careful of getting stuck in your old ways, and refusing to expand your view. Durin this time, expansion is a key word, just like luck & adventure. This week, including Thanksgiving, is going to be one of many conversations. Because we are still vibrating with the energy of the just passed solar eclipse, opening up & letting go, we are also vibrating with the incoming energy of sagittarius which will divide us into two camps: belief systems & dogma. Basically this week is pretty calm except for the words we have with people. The words you have with people will be important. Saying nothing is not productive. Own what you say; own how you feel. Enough of keeping the peace. At this point, keeping the peace is no longer needed by you. Especially as Mercury enters Sagittarius. Your drive and communication is of one mind: state your truth, be your truth.

On Thursday, big discussion and needing to state your piece will be prevalent. Own your truth, own who you are. Be aware that there are other versions of truth, and any disagreements are simply others owning their version. What you get to do is enjoy living in the moment of truth. Be courageous. Be free.

Travel long distances. Be open to traveling long distances mentally & emotionally and in the style that is true to you.

Make your wishes, because luck is raining down on us at this time.

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